Saturday, December 31, 2016

other thoughts of 2016

I am so ready for 2017!  New opportunity, travel, food.  Thinking back on the last year.  What a year.  Different for me.  Different reactions, emotions, challenges.  I returned to Kansas, twice, to visit my sister and old boss, Carol.  I had forgotten how long that drive is.  Seven hours of little interaction.  Just driving east.  Feels lonely until Hays, maybe Salina.  Manhattan definitely is an improvement.  Spending time with my sister was awesome.  Her kids are adorable and it was fun to see their daily life.  Home cooked meals and time with the kids.  My niece, Emma, calls me her cousin.  Cracks me up!  She was so much fun to spend time with.
Of course, I spent some time in Lawrence.  I wish I had had more time to visit my old stomping grounds.  Maybe see some more college friends.  I taught a class to a group of twelve year-olds about the importance of travel and how it has impacted my life.  My circle of friends and opportunities.  I probably should have spent more time researching the countries I spoke of.  Yet, I took away from the experience a cultural impact.  I met three incredible people with different histories/experiences while in Southeast Asia.  Their stories brought joy to my life and how I could help them in the future.
Back to Kansas, perhaps next year will present another opportunity to do that.  I am Mason's godmother and so figure I will be spending time in Kansas.
I visited Santa Fe six times.  The appeal of Ojo Caliente makes that trip possible and recurring.  Drank many silver coins.  Introduced Sara to friends and Maghan to my life there.  Bought a new car.  Well, new to me, at least.  I do enjoy how I cultivate relationships.  I never would have found this smoking deal and Calliope had I not kept in contact with my mechanic in Santa Fe. 
Spent three weeks in Southeast Asia.  Saw Key West for the fifth time.  Phoenix and then NOLA for the fifth time.  Attended a graduation in Oregon and spent a weekend with Seattle Jean (another friend from college).  Overall, it was a wonderful year of travel.  Reconnected with many co-workers from the Bull.  Saw some friends commit their love for each other.  It's been lovely! 
Best photo of the year was probably from NOLA.  Celebrating my birthday. 
I have great friends and a good life.  Excited for 2017!

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