Thursday, January 24, 2019

First trip completed

Started 2019 with a road trip down to Santa Fe.  Initially, I had considered flying to the Valley of the Sun to spend a few days with Jan and Cody.  Of course, the Mexican food is off the hook in Phoenix.  I love the yoga and it's been a while since I have visited.  I called Jan and she mentioned that it would not be a good time to visit.  Impulsively, driving to Santa Fe made the most sense.  I could arrange an Airbnb and cancel it if need be.  I communicated with a few of my friends and began planning a loose itinerary.  I could see Melody, Lawrence, take a TRX strap class and see Libby.  In addition, I would meet Jennifer at Ojo Caliente and see another friend for lunch on Monday.  Everything seemed legit.
I woke up, Monday, and attended yoga.  I have been trying to make more of an effort to attend classes at my home gym.  I have struggled with the yoga classes offered and sometimes find they are in sync.  There is one instructor who is consistent to a certain degree.  Then, I attend too many classes in a row and get frustrated by his lack of sequencing.  Monday was a reminder of that.  I bolted, early, from the class.  Irritated.  It was a waste of my time.
Afterwards, I packed up my car and headed to get coffee.  I didn't want to get to Santa Fe too early so I sort of lollygagged my way out of Denver.  In hindsight, I should have left earlier.  There was a wind advisory the entire southern part of Colorado.  It was challenging to drive through and I was on edge the entire drive.  It is a whole different level of frustrating to drive in high winds.  The minute I crossed into New Mexico it lessened, thankfully.  I drove straight to La Choza and ordered a silver coin.  Bliss!  I had a cup of pozole and had margaritas with a friend of mine.  I had planned on meeting Melody for dinner that night.  Instead, it sort of derailed.  I took an extended nap and woke up to her calling me and telling me that she was ordering take out.  I hired a car and headed over to her location only to find that she had departed.  I did feel bad. Maybe that additional margarita had been a bad idea.  Or the stressful drive down contributed to my overall lackluster energy.  Ironically, the place she chose employs the girl that teaches TRX class that I adore.  However, this girl does not enjoy bartending.  This was my second encounter of having her wait on me.  I ordered ramen, paid the tab and returned to my Airbnb.  Did I mention how amazing the bed was?  It was super comfy and inviting.  I could have slept for twelve hours.
Anyways, I skipped my TRX class the following morning. I was afraid that I would make some sort of comment to this girl's absolute dislike of bartending. She is an awesome fitness instructor but her service industry days are over it seems.  This is only my perspective based on my feelings and observations.  Maybe I caught her on a bad night, again.
I didn't want to say something that I couldn't take back.  So, I canceled my class.  I flailed between going and enjoying or forcing myself to go as I had earlier in the week with yoga.  The conclusion was that it, too, would be a waste of time.  On Tuesday, it was snowing in Santa Fe.  I was irritated but managed to drive to Ojo Caliente without incident.  Soaking was essential to the trip and a great way to decompress.  Jennifer and I had lunch at the Loyal Hound which I always enjoy.  I tried their Cubano sandwich without cheese.  It was delicious.
Tuesday night concluded with me meeting Melody for a quick bite and beer.  I wanted to see her since I was visiting and apologize for missing her the previous night.  Again, I think it was a combination of factors--stressful drive down, lack of sleep concluding my work week and the most comfortable bed to sleep in.  Thankfully, she met me after finishing work on Tuesday.
Wednesday morning I packed up the rental and returned to La Choza for more green chile.  I dined with Libby and her son, Wess.  It was a lovely way to conclude my first trip of 2019.  Sure, I  skipped the fitness factor but I did indulge on well-being.  Soaking at Ojo ensured that and I had quality time with multiple friends.  I feel blessed!
Considering my next trip which will be at the end of February.  I cannot wait!  And there might be another road trip in the works, mid March.  We shall see.

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