Tuesday, January 29, 2019

reading, planning and resting

I need a new podcast to binge listen.  Recently, I have been committed to reading and or listening to podcasts as opposed to watching tv. It is a time suck.  A convenient time suck.  But, what exactly does it achieve outside of wasting time?  I have been better about not watching tv.
I have a few books on hold at the library. I am moving up the list but is still a lengthy wait with some of the more popular books.  Potentially, I should find additional books to discover.  I have been unmotivated to research.  I just want a book to land in my lap that is inspiring and that I am unable to put down.  I'll admit.  I have a found a few of those in the last month--Taco USA, Property a tale of Two Novellas and I can always re-read Dogs of Babel.  There are some books that truly draw me in.  I want another one of those today!
My friends keep asking me to choose a girls' trip location.  I think I hesitate since there is so much uncertainty with the when, how, and what.  I have been on several trips with Sara Jo, Shari and the Goddess.  They are known entities and understand how I like to travel.  Day drinking, exploring the food factor and perhaps a fitness class or two.
My current friends that are asking me are a little more specific about food needs.  I dined with Roxie last night and she is a vegetarian with some food mixed in.  We dined at a tapas restaurant last night and it was challenging to decide on food to enjoy together.  Of course, if I was eating cheese it would be easier for both of us.  I wanted to try the octopus, shrimp or mussels.  None of which are things that she enjoys.  Thankfully, Roxie does like to enjoy wine and beer so that wouldn't be an issue.  We definitely understand exploring cities in that realm.  And, I teach her yoga sometimes so I think I could convince her to attend a class.  I have been to Las Vegas with Jenn and there are similarities in how we travel.  With her, I am a little more willing to go off grid than she is. She prefers structured locations.
Still, it could be done if we could agree on a where or a when.  We all have conflicting schedules and they travel frequently as well.  I guess that is the major hesitation from my part.  I want to travel on my days off.  It keeps me grounded and centered.
I feel there should be a fitness driven trip in the mix.  I could benefit, greatly, from spending a weekend with Paige in Santa Fe or a return trip to Phoenix.  I am always inspired when I practice in those cities.
I am about to greet the day.  I need to get a haircut and I am meeting Brie later for happy hour.  It is a wonderful day off and I am very thankful to be able to enjoy it. Also, thankful for movement.  I am healthy and happy!
Cheers to your Tuesday.

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