Wednesday, February 20, 2019


I feel like being a troublemaker....this photo definitely sums it up.  And the wine is delicious, too, if you are seeking a big jammy wine.  
One day, I went hiking with Shari at Matthew Winters Park and we carried in this bottle of wine.  We wanted to visit Brian and see the beauty in life.  We hiked in and enjoyed this wine from red plastic cups.  I think this time of year, I always become more nostalgic.  I will be meeting Shari in Dallas this year to celebrate Brian's life.  I have figured out the majority of our meals and am now focusing on the pedestrian factor.  Typically, we incorporate a long walkabout through the city at some point.  I think we will check out the Botanic Gardens or Lake nearby.  Supposedly, it is a 13 mile pedestrian friendly walk.  Or we could explore Deep Ellum and Greenville.  
There is a body scrub scheduled and a rockin yoga class.  I am interested in the scene in Dallas.  I wasn't in love with the yoga in Austin when we explored that city a few years ago.  I think Shari has resigned herself to the fact that yoga is a must during these trips. The cadence has evolved from food and wine to including yoga, massage or this year, the body scrub.  I discovered it last year while checking out a new spa in Denver.  I love the body scrub!  And have noticed a difference in my skin and how exfoliated it is.  I am excited to share this service with Shari.  
Thankfully, we will be meeting up with Hailey on Tuesday night.  I have known Hailey since we were 10 years old.  She and her husband relocated to Dallas in 99 and have been there ever since.  We are meeting at a wine driven restaurant with shareable plates.  I would have preferred a tapas place but my palette is pretty diverse.  I have been exposed to many, many great foods and I enjoy exploring restaurants.  Not everyone is as adventurous as me.
So I will tone down my troublemaker status.  I can reflect on that beautiful day and memory.  I can consider what Dallas has to offer and how it is the ideal place to celebrate this year.  Life is grand!

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