Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last weekend

Morning!  It seems that I am forever apologizing for taking a break from the blogging thing.  I enjoy it.  I do.  I have been preoccupied with work, I suppose.  I have experienced things that are interesting and post worthy.  Only, I have neglected making time to blog about it.
This year has been full of visitors and mini trips to California.  I love San Diego and it is a quick trip to escape some of the summer in AZ.  Last weekend, I drove out to spectate the Marathon.  After some consideration, I opted to spectate as opposed to running either the full or half.  Mostly due to lack of training.  I suppose I could have run the half.  Probably not pretty, though.
Regardless, I rented a car to spare mileage on Veronica.  When I hit 200,000 miles, I will have to get a new timing belt.  I am trying to delay that purchase.
Imagine, my surprise, when the rental car starts to overheat an hour from San Diego.  I turned the heat on and rolled the windows down.  Prayed that I would make it.  Scolded myself (a little) for renting the car.  I knew that Veronica would have made it without fail.  I made it to Alpine and stopped at the little brewery for a quick pint.  I was relieved that the car made it and desperately wanting a celebratory beer.  I walk up to the establishment and there is a line out the door.  Being me and bartending for the majority of my adult life I walk straight into the bar.  Unoccupied with two people working behind it.  Patiently, I wait to make eye contact with one of the people working.  I wait.  And wait and wait.  Eventually, this woman walks over to me as I am walking out to their bathroom and says--the beer line is out the door.
I say, I see that, and I only want a pint.  I sat at the bar since it was completely open for service.  She said, well, that is the beer line.
Incredulous, I make some retort about not understanding why the bar is completely open if they aren't serving beers from it.  I continue to walk and she says, what would you like?
I told her I wanted a stout and that I was heading to use the facility.  I return.  She hands me the stout and says, again, the line is outside.  Here is your stout. 
I am still confused as to why they were forcing people to wait 20 minutes for a beer.  It seemed completely ineffecient to me.
After a quick beer and a half (she seemed intent on making sure I got a second beer), I made my way to Point Loma.  I check into my hotel and think of the food options.  I knew that Brett and Pete were dining at their hotel.  Tommy was at a birthday bash and so I would be solo.  I drove to the Hillcrest and made my way to Little Italy.  There is an italian eatery that I love with the exception of the music selection.  Instead of be bop a lula of the first visit to the establishment, they were playing reggae.  A little better but still didn't fit the vibe of the place.  I mean, they are serving delicious italian fare and blasting rasta or 50's inspired tunes.  Yuck!
The food was delicious (again).  I overlooked some of the music while enjoying a sangiovese. I returned to the hotel and crashed out.  Not kidding.  I was exhausted from ten consecutive days of work and the drive.  Probably the best thing that could have happened.  I rested and felt refreshed when I woke up to spectate the race. 
Coffee, in hand, I walked to Sea World to cheer Brett and Pete on.  Overcast day and ideal for running or so they said.  I watched Brett cross the finish line and was thankful for my decision to spend the weekend in California.  Delightful weekend, for sure.  In spite of the almost overheating car, weird service in Alpine and crappy music in Little Italy.  From those experiences, the rest of the mini vacay were cake and I saw some reality stars in La Jolla.  I suppose they are celebs but not ones that I was excited to see.  I will leave it at that.....

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