Thursday, March 7, 2013

Denver delights

 Delicious!  Shari and I dined in Boulder to celebrate the anniversary this year.  Initially, we had decided on Bali.  As much as I liked the idea of Bali, the 46 hour flights did not seem that appealing.  And, once we got there, it wasn't like we were going to make out.  Bali is a spiritual destination which is why we were drawn to it or a honeymoon venue.  Obviously, that was not what we were looking for.
I digress.  We settled on Denver which always delights.  Food factor, wine and friends.  I have many options of places to dine and thankfully, my friends, are all supportive and agree to meet me at my favorite spots.
 Rachel met Shari and I to kick off the Denver adventure.  Of course, it fell on restaurant week which limited some of our dining options.  Places were packed and reservations were recommended.  We managed to have a few glasses of wine and catch up on life.  Rachel had vacationed in Iceland recently and excited to talk about it.  That is one place that I had not been to (yet).
After happy hour with Rachel, we met Lindsay and Sara Jo for a decadent dinner.  I knew that we were in for a treat when I called to extend the reservation.  The owner greeted me and told me he would be available to have a glass of wine as well.  I knew dinner would be fantastic and it was.  We overindulged with wine, food and conversation.  I felt so fortunate to see and spend time with Lindsay, Sara Jo, Pocketsize, Steve, Jenn and Shari.  I inhaled calamari, cheese and scallops.  I should have went running to sustain the wine and food from the Denver trip.  I managed to sneak in a yoga class which eased my mind.  I considered attending another class until I checked into the pricing at this studio.  $20 a class is too much in my opinion.  Plus, I needed to rent a mat and a towel.  They did offer $12 classes but they were lackluster.  The room wasn't hot enough and the flow sequence was lame.  I didn't envision attending another class.  It would cut into my wine venture in Denver.
I know that I need to update this and write more about my trip.  It was spiritual in the sense that we wanted it to be.  It reminded me of the beauty of Denver, my friends and how much I love that city.  It's home to me and I do miss it.
Phoenix has been an extremely positive experience.  I just don't have that love for it like I do Denver.  Keep in mind, I was in Denver for 10 years.  Of course, it feels like home to me.  I experienced true love there which is a lot of the reason I have such strong feelings for it.  Regardless, I am heading to yoga, shortly, and must conclude this for now.
Til then, happy Thursday!  It's been a wonderful week.

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