Friday, February 15, 2013

V Day Recap

Yoga at 5:30----way too early.  Especially when the class was lackluster.  I prefer the vinyasa flow classes and had not attended a more traditional bikram style in almost a month. Still, I completed it, showered and had my morning coffee.  I ran into a girl that I work with and was curious to her thoughts on the class.  Ironically, I would hear from her later in the day.
Anyways, I head into work, prep for the day and upcoming weekend.  I wore a skirt since my boss continually tells me that I look like crap when I work.  He comments that I look only look nice when I am wine tasting.  There is a little bit of truth to that...I digress.
I met a couple reps to taste wine and found myself at work til about 7.  I had dinner plans with a girlfriend to celebrate our version of anti-V Day.  Christina suggested vietnamese and since I had not found a place in the Valley yet, I was all for it.  I had a glass of wine with with a few of my co-workers and planned my departure.  I was hungry and hoped to move up our meet up to closer to 7 as opposed to 7:45.
B.Sing with co-workers and I found myself wanting to cancel my dinner date.  I was tired from the yoga class and the fact that I had only slept 3 hours the night before.
I gave my girl scout cookies away.  It was never my intention to take them home.  I only wanted to contribute to one of my co-worker's cousins girl scout rally.  I miss the days when Kellen would e-mail me for my contribution to her troop.  I would make a cash donation and not worry about eating the cookies.  Yes, I enjoy the cookies.  I just don't want to have a box in my house.
So, I drove to Phoenix and parked at another restaurant.  Lame, I know, but there limited options at the eatery.  I met Christina at the crowded bar.  She ordered spring rolls and we talked about our respective days.  I mentioned my early morning yoga class, wine tasting and the wedding that I will be attending on Sunday.  I must go gift shopping and figure out my attire as well.  There are a couple of options or I suppose I could shop for something new.
A few glasses of prosecco later, we tried Pho.  She chose the beef version while I opted for the vegetarian.  Corn, shiitake mushrooms and bean sprouts.  Delicious.  The experience was great.  Made even better when we asked for the check and someone had taken care of it for us.
WTF?  The bartender told us it was in honor of the Sandy Hook schools.  There is a  movement of kindness going around.  I have seen it, in action, and been the messenger to tell the guest that there tab had been taken care of.  I just had not been the recipient until last night.  It was so nice, unexpected and kind.  We both stopped to consider how much the tab had been and noted that we had had little or no interaction with this couple at all.  They sat to my left and I remember them saying they were waiting for their car to pick them up.  Smart to be responsible to say the least.
I wish I had paid more attention to them.  Stopped being caught up in my own reality and seen the beauty around me.  Pure kindness with no desire to see our reaction.  The conclusion to my 2013 Valentine's Day was lovely.  Unexpected and Kind.
I will make more of an effort to smile at others and pay the kindness forward.  Cheers to friday!

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