Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Three weeks to Oregon

In three weeks, I will be spending time with two of my sisters.  I am so excited.  I don;t know if we will frequent this restaurant.  It is charming and I liked the vibe.  However, I want to check out some of the newer places Eugene has to offer.  And, there is always the homemade yum bowl.  Love the yum sauce and I am fairly certain Michaela will have some stocked at her house for my visit.
I can meet Oakley (the new puppy), go running and get a much needed break from Dante's Inferno.  Also, there is Jadey (pregnant) and her kids.  It's been a year since I have spent time with Mack, Easton or Emery.  Hopefully the moon will be incredible for Emery and me to enjoy.  He loves the luna or he used to.
I have five days to visit and I am hopeful that we can (or I will) head to Bend.  I have visited Oregon numerous times and managed never to head that direction.  I've spent time on the coast, in Ashland/Medford  visiting my favorite wine maker and of course, Portland.  Portland is a great city.
Whatever we do, I am sure it will be great.  I miss my sisters more than they know.  I do love traveling and sometimes get caught up in places that I want to see and neglect the family factor.  I just wish, at times, they would consider visiting me in AZ or meeting me elsewhere.
This year, I will go to them.  I am still considering a trip to OZ to see my other sister, her beauty, Emma, and my mom and dad.  You never know with me...I could get impulsive and book tickets to Kansas and show up without notice.
Or, Jasmin has a scholarship to a school in Scottsdale.  Sixteen days of classes and so I am hoping that I will see her in the fall.  She definitely should attend the school and further her career.
In other news....I had set my alarm to wake me at 5 so that I could go running.  Apparently, I slept through it and woke up at 7.  The return to running will have to begin tomorrow.  It's going to happen.  The new shoes are begging to be used.

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