Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rain and random thoughts

Good morning to Tuesday.  Rain inspired an afternoon of binge watching SOA before work yesterday.  It is easy to get sucked into that particular show.  I had a leisurely afternoon and headed into work.  The evening was great.  Nice mix of locals and tourists.  I enjoyed these two ladies that were visiting from ABQ.  They were kind, gracious and easy to talk to.  There were a few couples from Kansas--one from Wichita and the other from Hutchinson.  Being familiar with both places, I made small talk.  Ironically, the couple from Hutchinson were related to a family I used to babysit for.  That was something unexpected.
It was also funny how different these folks were from the couple I used to babysit for.  That couple was affluent, well established in the community and modest.  I never would have known it by how their demeanor or how they interacted with more common folk if you know what I mean.  They were gracious and truly interested in my well-being.  They stayed in contact with me when I was in college and for a while after.  Their cousins were flashy and typical.  They reeked of what they felt was important--financial success.  Funny how different families can be and are.  At any rate, it made me nostalgic for my childhood and the memories associated with being teenager.  Working to pay for my first car, studying to achieve scholarships and gratitude for the people who aided me along that journey.
There are daily reminders of why we should enjoy every day to the fullest.  My realization of that occurred 8 years ago.  Brian taught me to pursue my dreams, travel and take a leap of faith in myself.  Although sometimes I get caught up in the b.s. of petty things, mostly, I do try to enjoy each day.  Recently a friend of my mother's died.  I do feel awful for her and for his family.  Loss is horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anybody.  It does, however, remind us to live in the moment.  Not to regret taking the time to say or do what you can on a daily basis.
Another childhood friend of my family is in a limbo situation.  This man fell off of his roof and sustained a brain injury.  From what I understand from social media, they are uncertain if he will make it and if he makes it what the quality of life will be.  It is an impossible situation.  In a moment this family's life completely changed.  Their kids started to say goodbyes at his bedside.  It is heartbreaking and they still do not know what will happen.  They hope, pray and have faith that he will recover.
In an effort to live in the moment, I am going to bring some bubbly to work to celebrate my friend, Danielle's, last day of work. She will be missed.  She arranged a happy hour tonight and I hope to attend for a bit.  There is a yoga class where I can display my gratitude for the day this afternoon.
I finally did put together my vision board.  Wine regions dominate, yoga, health and oh yeah, a trip to Spain.  I think it is going to happen in October or November.  It's been a few years since I have been out of the country. I am ready to explore again.
Celebrate, enjoy & Taste Life~

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