Thursday, July 3, 2014

The first days of July

Quick hike with Yenny and Celi.  I met Yenny through a couple that dined at my bar for a month.  Visiting from Florida, Patty and Glenn, dined at their favorite spots for the month of May.  Thankfully, they became regulars of mine during that time.  I met Yenny as they had befriended her on a previous visit.  They brought her in to meet me and then we all met for dinner on Memorial Day.  Super generous and gracious are Patty and Glenn.
I chose to reach out to her as she had mentioned enjoying hiking.  I used to hike once or twice a week when i lived in Arizona.  I wanted to get back into that habit and so I e-mailed her.  We set up a day to go hiking.  I was looking forward to it.  Not going to lie.  Even if I didn't really know her.  I figured the hike would provide the opportunity to chit chat.  I texted her on Tuesday to confirm our hiking date for Wednesday.  She confirmed and later, mentioned, that she would be bringing a teenager to accompany her.  What?  Of course, I knew, that that would change the already odd dynamic.  Still, I figured, why not?  I met them, early, on Wednesday morning.  I had a coffee and they shared a danish.  Yenny drove us to the spot and I neglected to retrieve my water from my car.  I was too embarrassed to admit that I needed my blankie.  Yes, I am referring to the comic strips depicting linus.  My water bottle is definitely like a blankie.  I thought the hike was brief and so I tried to convince myself that the water was unnecessary.
We started the trek after managing to precariously park in a small lot. Maybe four available spots.  More if you back in according to Yenny.  We parked as close to the no parking sign as possible.  The hike was along the river.  We crisscrossed the river and found the waterfalls eventually.  Somehow, I managed, to not submerge my foot in the water.  A few of the crossings were sketchy. I learned that this teenager had recently lost her mom.  Of course, I felt terrible for this girl. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be 14 and without a mother for guidance.
I admired this girl's patience with us in our conversation.  She had little in common with us and still did not act out.  She hiked the entire way and only sulked on the way back.  Still, she wasn't angry or annoying.  She was quiet and internal.
I figured that since I skipped my a.m. run, the hiking was a great cross-training exercise.  I could always run tomorrow.
Which I did...this morning.  I brought my phone and jammed out to old school rap.  I don't know what it is or why, but I can so, run without going neurotic while listening to baby got back or some dr dre.  Or snoop lion or whatever he is referring to himself these days.  Seriously, it was considerably easier to run while listening to rap. I loved it.
Tomorrow, I will be attending a pancake feed.  Kinda funny, considering, I despise pancakes.  However, it is a local thing.  My friend, Danielle, and her family invited me to attend.  I figure, get up, go running and then eat pancakes.  Maybe I have gotten past my aversion for this popular breakfast item.  If not, well, I will get over it.
I am excited to celebrate the 4th of July.  Celebrate, enjoy and taste life~

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