Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fond memories

An old gem from our trip to Costa Rica 2008.  I was doing an around the southern hemisphere inspired trip and Shari chose to meet me in Costa Rica.  Amazing.  I had been traveling for four months when she met me.  I was so happy to see someone that I knew.  Plus, Shari is a badass.  Will try anything.  Zip lining, scuba diving (on a different trip) and meeting all of my crazy friends.  I digress.
We dined at the Airplane bar,the Train and spent a few days in Dominical--by far, my favorite beach in Costa Rica.  We stayed at a b & b in Manual Antonio.  Shari arranged that stay and chose the place since the owner had lost his wife and it was listed as a charming place.  And it was.  However, the owner was very grief stricken.  The cleanliness displayed it.  He was distracted.  We did have a nice hot tub and the view of the town was fantastic.  Neither of us were that concerned with the cleanliness factor.  Our rooms were fine.  It was where he resided that had issues.
The Airplane bar is a popular spot in Manual Antonio.  Brian and I stumbled upon it in 2004 when we traveled to Costa Rica for the first time.  There was a live band, some dancing and a view.  We sat at the bar and b.s.'d with the bartender.  Come to find out that she was dating the chef.  Brian made it clear that he was a chef and I bartended--how ironic.  He befriended the chef and received a tour of the kitchen.  I knew that Shari would have to accompany me to the Airplane bar on our trip in 2008.
I was traveling around with flat Kellen as illustrated in the photo op.  Shari's niece had a project--flat Kellen.  I traveled with the laminated cutout through eight countries.  I sent a postcard to Kellen's class at each stop on my journey. I do feel bad that my handwriting is atrocious.  I am certain they struggled with deciphering which monuments I checked out.  I did make an effort to clean my handwriting up. Still, I know, it is challenging.
I loved the freedom of that trip. It was inspiring.  Scuba diving in Fiji, wine tasting for Thanksgiving in New Zealand, meeting an incredible woman on a bus from Sydney to Melbourne, two weeks in Cape Town which was not enough, my feeding frenzy in Argentina, meeting Shar and bonding over my stolen ipod in Valparaiso, Costa Rica with Shari and concluding in Belize.  Trying to figure out my next step on the journey.  I seriously considered continuing.  I had the funds to do it. Instead, I fell back into what was comfortable.  I returned to Denver and a day later I was back to work.  Silly decision in hindsight.  Regardless, at the time, I thought I wanted to work and do the safe thing.  I wonder where I would be now had I chosen to keep traveling.
Last night, my friend, Shar, messaged me to see how I was doing.  I met her in Chile and we spent five days in Valparaiso together.  She currently lives in the Bahamas.  I visited her, there, in 2010.  We have remained in contact and hopefully, we can meet either there, here, or somewhere else in the next year.
I feel the travel bug again.  I want to go to Spain.  I keep seeing visions of it and feel that that will be my next venture.
I also am trying to figure out how to finance a yoga studio.  There is a definite need for power yoga in SF.  I am having a difficult time adjusting to the more spiritual driven class with terrible music. Today, Mira changed up the flow quite a bit.  My right thigh felt like jelly which I am not in love with.  However, I commend her for altering her flow and challenging us.  I know that I must decide where I want to get certified.  I kick myself for not making it a priority while living in Phoenix. Seriously. I had options.  Many options.  Hindsight is always 20/20....just like my decision to return to work and not keep traveling.
I am happy to be where I am now.  Drinking a glass of wine, relaxing and enjoying a day off.  Thankfully~

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