Sunday, October 26, 2014


A block from my friend's house.  I loved it.  Such easy access to the gorgeous beach.  That, and a Starbuck's.  Yes, I was in heaven.
On Sunday, Shar drove me to a yoga retreat where I would spend the next few hours.  Shar was preoccupied with work and I wanted to give her the space to handle what needed to be handled without being in her way.  Her home was cozy.  Translation=super small and accommodating one person.  She did have two doors separating the kitchen from her bedroom and a door on the bathroom.  I have lived in cozy spaces before and so I was okay with it.  My last "cozy" spot didn't have doors once inside the house.  It was always interesting to entertain at that place.
The yoga class was rejuvenating.  Afterwards, I sampled the yummy vegan fare and made my way back to Nassau.  A water taxi enabled that and then I began the return walk to Shar's place.  Initially, I thought I could walk back to Cable Beach.   It would have been a long walk.  Thankfully, several busses depart from downtown Nassau regularly.
Back at Cable Beach, armed with coffee and finally check out the sand.  Amazing.  I think I spent an hour, lavishing in my luck.  I knew that Shar was preoccupied with work in spite of the fact that I had been gone for 4 1/2 hours at that point.  I convinced her that a daiqueri was in order.  She needed a break from the monotony of work and I was ready to start my vacation.  Papaya, mango, cantaloupe, strawberry deliciousness.  So happy!
That night we attended a thanksgiving, Canadian style.  Shar has a cousin that lives near her and so I was included in their feast.  An assortment of comfort food and pierogi's.  We listened to random music and I met a bunch of their group.  I had packed for the island trip and so I was on full relaxation mode.  I bid adieu to fb and messaged my sisters before our trip the following morning.  I knew that I would be without wi-fi for the next five days.
Those five days were glorious.  Not that I didn't miss the convenience of instant gratification but I also woke up and did yoga, read or relaxed. I wasn't lured in to what was going on in the world around me.  I enjoyed being in the present.
Today, I have yoga, work and maybe catch an inning of the world series.  That is a big maybe since my job does not have any tv's in house.  At any rate, it is a gorgeous day and I need to start it.

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