Saturday, October 25, 2014


Vacations are essential to my life.  They always help me reset my priorities and set new goals.  I plan for however long to make it happen and once complete, I have a blank slate for my next goal.  Currently, where I am at.  New goal, life plan, direction.
I have had the last two weeks off.  Rare, in my life, to be able to achieve this.  However, I did arrange a trip to the Bahamas to see Shar and head south to other caribbean islands.  First, I want to remember my departure from Santa Fe.  Initially, I was scheduled to work both jobs up until my departure.  I called my mechanic to schedule a time for Veronica to be worked on.  My guy seemed confident that he would be able to make the necessary changes while I was on vacay.  He seemed thrilled that I could leave my car at his house.  Seemed like a great idea except that now I would need to figure out a way to the airport.  The shuttles begin at 5 am and my flight was at 6:30.  Not enough time to get to the airport, check in, go through security and make it to the gate.  Shuttle was out.  I asked two of my friends for a favor.  Felt awful doing it.  I mean, who in their right mind wants to get up at 4 in the morning to drive someone to the airport?  Somehow, I was able to convey my need to get to the airport to my jobs and they agreed to not schedule me for the Friday shift.  That enabled my way to ABQ.  Rail runner the day before, stay at a hotel near the airport and take a shuttle, early, to Sunport.  Perfect.
I met Melody for my departure lunch.  She drove me to the railyard depot where I caught the train south.  $9 for the ride.  Clean, efficient and dropped me off at the airport.  From here, I called the hotel and arranged a pick-up from the airport.  Checked in and considered my dining options.  Applebee's, Waffle house, Fuddrucker's, some asian place.  As none of them piqued my interest, I asked the front desk clerk if there was a mexican restaurant within walking distance.  She told me that there was a great place but it was not walkable.  I asked why?  Would I have to cross the interstate?  Her response, no.  But, it's like a mile and a half away.....what?  To me, not walking distance is at least 5 miles one way.  Especially depending on time of day.  So, I set off to find the mexican restaurant.  And, the lady was right.  It was great.  I had enchiladas and cabbed it back to the hotel since it was raining.  Well, and I had opted to cab it after walking through the neighborhood.  I wasn't in love with the vibe.  Oh, and it was 3 miles.  Definitely something I could walk.
That night, I returned to the hotel and took it easy.  Talked to some friends and began my departure calls.  I wanted my friends to have my contact information and say goodbye.  I think I always get like that when I go on trips out of the country.
The shuttle dropped me at Sunport and then I was off to ATL.  I had a six and a half hour layover.  Thankfully, a friend of mine from Denver had lived in Atlanta for the last 9 years.  She picked me up and we headed into the city.  Lunch, drinks, conversation.  It was a truly lovely experience.  I felt thankful for keeping in touch with old co-workers.
She returned me to the airport and I went back through security.  Easy peasy.  Quick glass of wine and then I am off.  Off to the Bahamas, the beach and many many mojitos.  More on this later.  I am off to greet the day.

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