Monday, October 27, 2014

yoga, travel and connections

I need a new project.  I know it.  Feel it and am ready for whatever is revealed.  Inspired by my most recent travels, of course.  I attended a yoga class at an ashram center and was surrounded by people that were on a spiritual journey.  A few of us jumped on the water taxi to attend one class and so we were part of the community for a brief amount of time.
After the class, I joined the group for their meal.  I met a girl from Berlin and another from Columbia.  Right away, we started talking about traveling and places we had been.  It was awesome and I felt at home in that moment.  I wasn't concerned about what I was wearing, where I needed to be or what I would be doing later.  I was interested in the conversation and understanding how we all, individually, ended up at that yoga class.  The Columbian was on school break and traveling.  On a previous visit to the Bahamas, she saw the center and decided she wanted to spend a few days practicing yoga there.  She had been to many places in the world and led an interesting life.  The girl from Berlin would be at the center for the next month.  Developing her inner peace and yoga practice.  Kudos to both of these ladies as they inspired me to consider what the next journey would be for me.  I sat there, in awe, of their ability to just go.  Then, I thought, I do this too, sometimes.  I suppose I was nostalgic for my last big trip--2007/08 and how liberating it was to be in different countries.  I think I need to make it more of a priority.  Traveling outside of the country on an annual basis opposed to every few years.  I should reach out to Agnese and make Spain 2015 a reality.
Of course, I am happy to be back and working.  Leads to purpose in life.  And more travel.  I have a friend that is so excited about his new truck.  To me, it represents more financial attachment and dependence.  He now has to finance the truck instead of any travel.  I just don't understand that.  But everyone does what feels right to them.  For me, a new vehicle would not be my passion.  I know that comes as a huge shock, right?
Yoga will continue to keep me centered while work will provide purpose, possibilities and connections.  For instance, I had two random encounters while abroad from work-related people.  The first guy was my water taxi driver to the ashram center.  He was from Phoenix and so I told him about a few of the places I had worked.  I mentioned the nanobrewery and he goes, oh, I went to high school with a guy that works there.  My response, I was his boss.  It was pretty funny.  The other guy I ran into was a guy that used to frequent the bull in Denver.  He worked at one of my favorite spots in Cherry Creek.  Think dip duo.  About six years ago, he moved to NYC and started working at JFK in a restaurant.  When my plane landed at JFK, I walked around the airport and noted the restaurant.  It has nostalgia for me as I would frequent the place in Denver with Steve and Pocketsize.  Still, I had not made my mind up whether or not I wanted to dine there.
Somehow I found my way back to the place, sat at the bar, and remembered that my friend, Chris had worked there when he moved back to NYC.  I asked the bartender if he knew him and he seemed confused.  Granted, the guy was older and a little disoriented in general.  At first, he said no.  Then, about fifteen minutes later, he asked me to repeat Chris's name. and suddenly remembered, that yes, he did, in fact, know Chris.  I left Chris a note before remembering that I might have his cell # in my phone.
The lesson is that work, for me, does create connections, serendipity and opportunity.  I am grateful for that and happy to be here now.  I need a hobby in the meantime.  Maybe golf?

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