Saturday, January 17, 2015

dinner with friends

I went to dinner with my friend, Melody, the other night.  She is good people and we have been friends since 2004 (I think).  We chose to meet at a spot that is local, friendly and beer driven.  I was all for it.  As was Melody.  It is one of her favorite spots.
We arrive and it is packed.  I put my name on a list and wait in a spot that is not in the way.  About five minutes later and I am seated at the bar.  This place has 10 tables (about) and 20 bar stools.  It's busy and there is an energy about it.  I had ordered a beer prior to Melody arriving from knowing people. She arrived and waited 15 minutes before we were acknowledged.
She orders a beer and the food we want.  We b.s. and everything is great.  The food comes out in a timely manner while we have another beer.  We reach a point where we want the food boxed for her to take home.  I mention it to the bartender and Melody orders food for her to take home to her boyfriend.
We wait for the to-go food and box. I know that they are not going to box the food for us.  Which is fine given they give us the box to do it ourselves.  A friend of mine walks up to put away glassware and accidentally breaks 4 pint glasses.  I am hit with a chunk of glass.  Immediately, I tell the girl to clear our plates (with the desired to go food on them) and our beers.  They replace the beer.  However there was still a 1/3 of our beer in the glass.  I mention this as when we get the tab they tell us they bought us a beer.
That is all?  One beer?  1/3rd of of our food was thrown away due to a glass explosion.  I didn't press it.  Although, I will no longer recommend this restaurant or go there myself.  It was shocking.  The chef and GM both saw what occurred.  Neither, nor, seem interested in making it right.  I'm not greedy.  I'm not.  However, I am honest and why would they not at least replace the food that was on the table?  I've worked in restaurants where glass spiked the food.  I have waited on people that experienced that.  It is never malicious.  I know this. Yet, because I don't push it we see a fraction of what we should have seen.
We paid the tab, tipped the bartender well and left.  Yes, I will not return or refer them any longer to friends, guests or customers.  I could not believe how inefficient this restaurant was. Makes me sad that the management is so poor.  I will not return.
Life is good.  People are fair and I am happy.  Too many days off lead to idle hands.  Never a good thing for me. Must arrange yoga and fast.  I am due.

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