Thursday, April 28, 2016

days off

Two days off translates to cleaning, eye appointments, massage therapy, seeing friends and Mexican food.  Most excited about that.  Last week, the Goddess and I met for Pho (delicious).  This Thursday we are finding guacamole, green chile and chips.  Super excited!   It's a cold day, semi-dreary, and comfort food sounds incredible.
I managed to go to a yoga class before the debauchery starts.  Typically, I like this instructor for her awesome adjustments only.  She has an assistant that also adjusts during the hour class.  I love that the studio is heated and it feels like a community.  If only the yoga, itself, was good.  I have struggled in the past month to find classes that are challenging.  The heat factor helps decrease my frustration and knowing that I like the teacher's adjustments motivated me to head downtown to attend the class.  It starts with us sitting and listening to her talk for 9 minutes.  I knew, then, that I would be leaving the class early.  She took to long for the intro and I knew that the physical part would be lacking.  It was.  I was frustrated.  Her music was terrible and she wasn't able to adjust people like normal.  There was no assistant and everything about the class was crappy.  Finally, I had enough and did a mini corpse pose before heading out.  Ironically, the instructor happened to be right by me while I was attempting to leave unnoticed.  She stopped by me to see if I was okay.  I told her that I was fine just not feeling it today.  I couldn't force myself to do stay any longer in the class.
Now I am considering joining a gym that offers spin.  I think I will start running again and sign up for a fall half marathon.  I am plateauing with yoga here.  I have exhausted my free pass options around the city and need to choose which studio has the best options. I have not found any studio with a good playlist.  I know that is not important to some people but it is important to me.  I like a heated studio and most importantly, I do like power yoga that is challenging.  I want my mind bent.
I am off to lunch with the ladies.  I convinced Sara Jo to join us too.  I am excited to see them and chat my birthday venture to New Orleans.  It is right around the corner.  Must make plans!

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