Friday, April 15, 2016

dinners continue

Sunday enchiladas were a success.  Surprising my host, I know. I think he was completely prepared to order pizza as he had threatened that it was on speed dial.  I do not doubt that.  In the past, I did rely, heavily, on preparing salads if and when I chose to make dinner.  Part of my comfort zone and also something that I like to eat.  This year, I want to expand my culinary skills and so I have been attempting dinners on Sunday.  Enchiladas first and last weekend, Bibimbop.  A delightful Korean dish that I experienced while in route to Vietnam.  It was the only meal that I enjoyed flying.  They fed us multiple times on the flight.  There was a fish option, pasta and then, this.  Such an improvement over the other options.  It sort of stayed with me since I have returned.  I am looking forward to finding a banh mi, too.  I have thought about venturing on South Federal to locate some pho or a banh mi.  Just haven't made time for it as of yet.
So, I offered to make dinner last Sunday and again sensed Maghan's apprehension.  How could he politely suggest that I order pizza or not even bother with cooking?  Thankfully, he did not go this route and kept his thoughts to himself.  He let me explore this newfound sense of what I would like to do.
I considered a few different recipes before committing to my cookbook recipe.  I have a vegetarian inspired cookbook that has always come through for me.  In hindsight, I should have used beef as it is more traditional and gives it a flavor profile that is not recreated with only vegetables and spices.  Still, it was tasty and another success.
This weekend, I am at a loss.  Initially, I thought I would have more time to contemplate the meal as my friend would be gone for the weekend.  Then a storm system altered his plans.  I will be vigilant and find something to showcase my developing skills.  No salad or easy appetizer with wine to distract him or myself. 
I could do another ethnic dish.  Maybe a noodle bowl.  I have been craving pho since I returned to Vietnam.  Or stirfry.  It's been awhile since I have eaten that.  I love ginger, garlic, vegetables.  Delicious!  I think that may be the way to go.
In other news, I have been dealing with the tagging of my car.  It's been a process.  I purchased the car in Santa Fe and received the title via mail a week ago.  When I brought all of my paperwork to the DMV they refused to grant me the tag since the guy I bought the car from had signed his name differently than what was on the title.  I must now wait for him to sign a form stating that he is one and the same person.
I was forced to purchase a temporary tag and then they tack on a percent if you use a credit card to pay sales tax.  It's beyond annoying.  All of this because some chick was text messaging and ran a red light and plowed into my car.  Talk about inconvenient!
I am off to run a few errands and prep for the oncoming snow.  Work, maybe yoga (although last Friday I was uninspired by the instructor's flow so I think I will skip tonight) and then dinner with Florida Andy.  Looking forward to that and checking out a new eatery in Denver.  It's going to be a great day!

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