Wednesday, May 3, 2017

days off

Allergies that are ongoing and never going to stop!  Or so it seems.  It feels as if they just kicked up in the last few minutes.  Seriously, I am over it.  I am ready to be able to breathe and see without taking an allergy pill.  I tried to stop taking them when I felt better and that was a huge mistake. They came back and almost knocked me out.  I wonder when or if they will stop.  I am ready!
I am relaxing the next few days since I have the time off.  I am sure ironing will be involved at some point, grocery shopping, reading and laundry.  I have a wine lunch arranged tomorrow with Danielle, my old boss from Santa Fe.  She is considering a relocation to Denver and is up here house hunting and familiarizing herself with the metro area.  I will gladly be a tour guide and introduce her to some of my favorite spots in Denver for lunch.  We are meeting in Cherry Creek.  I figure I can walk up, maybe get a pedicure (much needed) and stop by a couple consignment stores on my way back.  I want to utilize being outside by walking and trying to be healthy.  I haven't committed to running outside of thinking that I should.  I absolutely am ready to sign up for a race.  I walked through Cheesman Park earlier today which was incredibly nostalgic.  It is near my house and could make for a great route to run. 
Next week, I am heading to Chicago.  I don't want to overwhelm the itinerary with things I want to do and so I am trying to not account for every moment of the trip.  It is challenging.  There are so many places I want to eat in addition to wanting to go to a yoga class, do the architecture tour and a spa day.  There is a Russian spa that seems ideal and I am interested in checking it out.  I called today to arrange a platza for the WP and I.  The receptionist told me that only male therapists would be available.  It was fine with me but I knew that Maghan would not be happy about it.  I was trying to figure out the best way to tell him. 
In the meantime, I looked at the timeline and how it could best be improved.  I mentioned to Maghan my desire to go to the spa and if he believed Friday would be a suitable option.  We fly out late that night and could check our bags somewhere while enjoying the spa. I thought this might be the best use of time.  He agreed and so I called the spa back to move our appointments.  I had been trying to do too much.  There is a yoga class at 9 on Wednesday with a yogi I know from Phoenix.  I cannot wait to take her class.  I made the spa appointment for 11:30 which would have made it extremely difficult to make it to the yoga class. 
Thankfully, they agreed to move the appointments with the added bonus of having a male and female therapist available for the platza.  I didn't even have to tell him that he almost had no choice in this decision.  I am fine with therapists of either sex but acknowledge that the majority of men would prefer a female therapist to a male. 
I bought post card stamps so that I can send a post card to my niece, Emma.  In the past, if I don't have stamps readily available, I don't manage to send them.  I know that Emma enjoys receiving cards from my trips.
I should read more.  I have five or six books to occupy my time.  I cleaned my house and ate left domestic.  It is an odd feeling to be at home so often.  I have two more days of this.  All of my yoga students are either busy or out of town.  I do want to make an effort to teach more often.  It is a goal that I plan on achieving.
Days off can be productive.  I intend on seeing some friends, doing a few barre classes and reading.  Life is grand!

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