Saturday, May 6, 2017

upcoming travel

Return to the windy city and I cannot wait!  It will be my fifth or sixth trip.  I have sort of lost track of how many times I have had the opportunity to explore. My first trip was 2007 in January.  I overlooked the weather and made the best of the experience.  Unfortunately my travel companion was not a great partner.  We separated after the first stretch of the trip. He headed to the suburbs and I sought solace in another hotel in the city.  We did manage to fly back to Denver without too much difficulty.  I knew that Sam and I would never recover from that trip. He had motives that I did not agree with nor know about.
The next trip, I visited in August.  I had more opportunity to explore as the weather was agreeable.  I dined at Tru with a 19 yr-old intern.  I felt like Mrs. Robinson while enjoying a 9 course meal with another Sam, ironically.  This kid was conflicted on whether he wanted to be a musician or pursue a career in the culinary arts.  I listened to the quandary and had an epic meal.
I signed up for a 10k a few years ago with Sara Jo.  Initially, the Goddess was going to accompany us.  It was her idea to run that particular race and weekend.  We could attend a Cub's game.  All of it changed when she found out she was pregnant.  Sara Jo and I committed to the trip and made it a culinary experience.  I managed to score a reservation at Trotter's six weeks before it closed.  I felt very fortunate to have dined there.
I have yet to attend a game at Wrigley Field.  That will continue to evade me as the Cub's are heading to Denver. Irony ensues.  I would love to attend a game but every trip to Chicago is more food focused.  I enjoy experiencing the cuisine and am looking forward to this trip as well.

There will be a return to the pig.  Last trip in October we dined there twice.  It was that good! This colorful dish was as delicious as appetizing.  I still think of how amazing the stuffed squid was.  We will dine there twice--when we arrive and before we depart. 
I think we will do the architecture tour, signature room during the day (last time we saw it at night.  It is such a different view.  I want Maghan to see it during the day), lots of food and perhaps a yoga class. I am still figuring out if and when I can make that happen.  I know two girls that I admire in the teaching realm that live in Chicago.  One of them,I met, in New Zealand in 2008.  She has been living in Chicago off and off since 2009.  I experienced Amber's class in Denver in 201.  The other girl I met in Phoenix.  Gina is a sequencing queen.  I have not remained in close contact with her but I know she is living in Chicago and teaching at a few different studios.  I suppose attending her class will remind me of the yoga community in AZ.  I would enjoy that immensely. 
Mostly I need to figure out the distance between where we are staying and where the studio is.  I know that there is a class that would fit into our schedule on Wednesday.  I booked a spa treatment at a Russian spa.  I am a huge fan of the Banya treatment.  I discovered this service while living in Denver.  Unfortunately, I no longer support that spa which is another long story.
So, Chicago next week.  Lots of food, some sight seeing and yoga or perhaps a run along Lakeshore Drive.  It will be lovely!

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