Friday, September 7, 2018

Dreams and realizations

More acupuncture, pedicures and dreams of travel.  I have been loitering on my days off.  Trying to fill them up with yoga teaching and it has been plentiful.  I am conflicted for as much as I yearn to travel, I need to have a routine for clients.  I cannot just up and go on a whim as I have in the past.
Still, I want to travel.  It is a natural part of my life and I find myself talking about it often at work.  I had a lovely conversation about Santa Fe on Tuesday at lunch and then New Orleans inspired another lengthy conversation last night.  These conversations motivate me to book a trip and do it.  Not just wait around
I will be heading to Santa Fe, twice, in the next month and possibly a trip to Chicago, Austin or Aspen.  I need to confirm dates with my friend and then commit to the trip.  I think about it often and visualize a foodie inspired venture.  Especially with this friend.  He has similar likes and we travel well together.  In the past, we have ventured to Chicago and Santa Fe and so I would like to try out a different destination.  Heck, I would be happy returning to New Orleans.  That city has the best food and the options are limitless.  Not to mention, music, endless sazeracs and beignets.  I had some customers last night request a Sazerac and I was unable to find the absinthe so I refused to make it.  Instead, I offered to make a vieux carre which seemed to make them just as happy.
I am trying to minimize my acupuncture and do one session weekly.  I can supplement with massage, pedicure and PT.  I have started trying to balance on my right foot and do a few strength enhancing moves.  It is helping and I feel better.
The pedicure, today, was amazing.  I attempted to arrange a pedicure last week but my place was booked solid.  I stopped by today and waited ten minutes before siting in the chair. The calf massage was epic and I think it is another way to ease the ankle stress.  I am trying everything to heal and faster.  The essential oils are helping and as noted, I know, that the swelling is down and my ankle is beginning to look the right shape again.  It's been a long road to healing.
I am blessed though. I have a healthy gut.  I have a friend that has been dealing with some intense GI issues.  I really don't know how she does it or why it has lasted this long. I feel very fortunate to not be dealing with that myself.  I would be hydrating, hydrating, hydrating and skipping all the wine and margaritas that I like to ingest.
I'm sort of interested in learning how to golf.  I have been golfing a few times and so it is not completely foreign to me.  However, how great would it be to actually be able to participate and compete?  Or tennis?  I think golf would be a more natural fit for me.  Not that I am scared of all of the running and agility in tennis.  I'm not.  I just sucked at it so bad when I was in high school when they were trying to teach us.  I always had an "open" face.  I got kicked off of the gym aide duties in tennis and thrust in to managing the runners.  Never returned to tennis after that point.  I have a friend that is retired and possibly 78 years old and she is still playing competitively.  She loves it.  I think it is great and her and her partner are super cute when they travel together.
Golf would be preferable.  However, I want to return to seeing my trainer.  Which brings us back full circle--healing the ankle to be at least 90% so that I can be athletic and continue to train with Courtney.  Golf will have to wait for the time being.
Acupuncture will continue.  Massage, too.  My goal is to return to training with Courtney by October.  Means I will be diligent in my taking care of my ankle.   I must decide that I am ready and that I want this.  I do.  I want to be 100%. It aids my teaching, my well being and my health.
Here is to that!  I am off to enjoy my Friday~

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