Saturday, September 1, 2018

day off and frustrations of the ankle

Day off and what a day it has been.  Lazy.  No yoga.  New restaurant checked out and a return to a local brewery.  I have visited this place three times and try to like it.  I have friends that love it.  Me, it's meh and will continue to be.  I will return to that later.
My ankle continues to frustrate me.  Acupuncture helps me, somewhat, and will continue to do so.  I think, though, that I need to make a more concentrated effort in physical therapy.  I can walk (thankfully) and can work. But, running is challenging and balancing on my right foot scares me.  I am afraid of messing it up.  I have been doing some writing the alphabet with my toes which helps but my foot wants to cramp.  It is always something.
I skipped yoga today and yesterday.  I thought I had a client this morning but she canceled, last minute, to go to Aspen.  I do understand the desire to travel.  I only wish that she had some consideration of my time and the effort I take to put into the planned sequence.  She hasn't yet.  I have been on a pozole kick.  I continued that trend today or tried to.  Instead, I found a Colombian spot on East Colfax that offers Mondongos.  I was super excited to sample their offerings.  I had tried mondongos in Medellin and loved it.  I entered this cute spot and was surprised to find football on and a group of six ladies enjoying lunch.  I perused the menu and chose the mondongos, a Colombian beer and an arepa to start.  About fifteen minutes later, she returned with my beer and told me, in Spanish, that they were not offering mondongos today.  I could choose between two other options and I replied--which do you prefer.  I loved that she spoke to me in Spanish.  I wish I could have responded in Spanish.  It was awesome.  Reminded me that I want to learn another language.
The food was good.  More pedestrian and clean which I enjoyed.  I would love to return to try the mondongos.  I prefer them to the soup I sampled.
Yesterday, I had pozole at a spot on south Broadway which I have tried a few times.  It is a popular mezcaleria and the food is adequate.  The pozole was oily and not at all what I wanted.  I was super disappointed in that option.  The guacamole was delicious and of course, I enjoyed the salsa and the conversation with my lunch date.  Troy is travel friendly.  I think he did 320 days last year and this year, is on point, to do 345.  It's nuts!   He owns a home in the Springs and travels all over with a bike company.  As much as he loves it, I think, the travel does wear on him.  He goes everywhere--stateside and internationally.  of course, I am jealous!
So, lunch today was good and Colombian inspired.  I returned home, afterwards, and took a nap.  I think I needed it.  My body needs to recover.  I have been binge watching SOA in preparation for another series the Mayans.  I seriously, should, read more, lol.  It is more noise for me to have while I sift through the day.
Finally, I walked to the market to pick up garlic.  I would like to attend the farmer's market to choose produce tomorrow.  Fortunately, it is located about three blocks from my house.  Anyways, I walked to the store and picked up a few items and opted to stop by the local brewery which I want to like.  I entered the brewery and selected a spot at the bar.  I was approached, quickly, and asked for my i.d.  Not that big of a deal.  I get it.  It's their job.  I chose a beer and the girl returned with it and asked it I wanted a tab or to pay.  Super direct.  I paid.  I tipped her and she didn't say thank you or anything else.  That is annoying.  How difficult is it to be friendly?  I then watched and saw the three bartenders check their phones and basically suck.  I really don't think that I can support this place again.  My boss likes the beer and has a difficult time picking up beer to go and so I have done it for him.  I don't know that it will be frequent.  It is a not a vibe I enjoy.   And, I have tried to like it.
It is a new month.  My birthday month.  I am inspired to really put myself out there and accomplish some goals.  I want to travel, I do.  I can taste it.  However, I think, patience is my friend in this situation.  I need to be patient and relax.  Everything will happen when it is supposed to.
Making dinner tonight.  Continuing my binge of SOA and relaxing.

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