Thursday, October 4, 2018

upcoming travel

Next week, I am returning to Santa Fe.  I had mentioned to Melody that the girls and I might postpone our Santa Fe adventure in September since she would not be able to join us at Ojo Caliente.  I have great friends.  The last few years either they have traveled with me to celebrate my birthday or made time to treat me to dinner.  This year, Lindsay, Sara Jo and I discussed heading to New Mexico.  Lindsay has never visited Santa Fe and so it would be her entry into the land of enchantment.  We considered possible dates and came up with a plan.  Next step was confirming that Melody would be in town to celebrate with us and also spend a day at Ojo Caliente.  It is now a mandatory part of my trips down south.  I texted Melody to tell her our of news and she told me that she would be absent as she would be on a cross country road trip the last two weeks of September.  Melody is an essential part of my trips and friends and so I asked the girls if they would consider delaying our trip.  That put a bug in her ear and she blocked off the 9th of October from scheduling appointments.  Then, Sara Jo decided she would relocate to California by the end of September and so I knew I would have to commit to that trip.  And that I would be driving back down two weeks later.
My birthday trip was great!  Lots of food, margaritas and memories.  Lindsay had to back out due to work and so I figured maybe she could return with me in October.  So, I floated the idea by Lindsay when she canceled the September trip.  She agreed to request off those days and I found another Airbnb.
She still is uncertain if she can join me or not.  Her boss is unwilling to grant her the days off in a timely manner.  My bases are covered.  My oil is changed.   I have communicated with the Airbnb hostess and texted friends to arrange meals.  I'm fairly certain I will see Jennifer from ABQ.  We can chat the remainder of her AT adventure.  Earlier this summer, I met her in D.C. and we toured the monuments and food scene for four days.  Then, she returned to the trails and headed north to Maine.  I believe we will meet for happy hour on Monday for a few silver coin margaritas.  I reached out to Libby, Danielle and Lawrence.  I am sort of in a holding pattern til Lindsay confirms whether or not she is joining me.  I know that if I drive down, solo, I will leave earlier than if we travel together.  I am aware of that.  I will more than likely stop in Rye for a potty stop.  I prefer that BBQ spot right along 1-25 to break up my trip.
I can also commit to doing another Barre class or perhaps seeing a few other friends.  If I get down early enough, I can meet a friend for lunch.  I would like to do that if possible.  And, I hope to purchase a ring.  That had been a goal of my September trip.  Time got away from me.
Palm Springs will be another trip I will make happen.  I figure it is much easier to head west to visit Sara Jo then go to Florida.  That eastern trip entails a connecting flight which adds more time to ask off for.  I want to avoid that.
Celebrate and enjoy the day!  Happy Thursday!

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