Monday, October 1, 2018

The start of clean eating

Happy Monday!  Officially saw my trainer and now my arms are aching.  Honestly, I think I did more pushups than I thought was possible.  Everything centered on arms, some core and balance.  I am fried.
I arrived and immediately she pointed out that I should get on the scale.  Probably my least favorite way to start my week.  Thankfully, I am okay.  I was shocked about where I am at.  My base is actually decent and I am surprised that it is not worse.  I was super indulgent the last few weeks.  Months, even.  Dining out, day drinking and less walking to work due to the ankle injury.  Somehow, I have managed to maintain a decent balance.  I think my trainer was shocked, too!  She suggested that I decrease my wine intake and also dining out.  It is a difficult decision.  Social, interactive and something I truly enjoy doing.  I should be doing less of that and more cooking at home.  The proximity to the farmer's market will help me with this task.  And the fact that my friend circle is diminishing.  Sara Jo is in Cali and Lindsay rarely takes a day off during the week.  Jenn has a new job and her schedule is constantly changing.
I should be more focused on meal prepping.  Just see how it alters my diet and how I benefit financially.  I am sure that I would be able to travel more often if I had less boozy lunches.  I love them so!  I would like to visit Sara Jo before she heads east to Florida or return to Minneapolis to try more yoga at that one studio that was incredible.  Of course, it would be wonderful to see my aunt.  We have a bunch to catch up on and I did truly enjoy my mini visit in May.  There is more exploration to do in Minneapolis for sure.
I had a dream about Chicago last night.  Maybe I will try to go there again.  It's been a year and the restaurant scene is endless there.  I could pick a random area and be overwhelmed with the food option.  Hopefully, I can make something happen soon.  There are too many places that I want to explore.  I will be returning to the Dallas area in February.  Originally, Shari and I considered flying to Puerto Rico to spend the anniversary in Rincon with Tiffany and Dan.  Honestly, that would have been ideal. Spend some time on the beach--yoga, see Tiffany and Dan, and discover the food factor in Rincon.  However, timing is not ideal.  I would want six days to spend there and due to my work schedule, I would be restricted.  And, I believe, Shari also had some scheduling woes.  We chose to reconvene and take a shorter trip.  Dallas seemed like a natural fit.  I am still exploring where to stay, dine, soak.  I met a gentleman last night that had a few suggestions and was helpful.  We will see.
It feels like we just arrived at 2018 and yet, somehow, we will be embracing new year's eve in three months.  Three short months.
Perhaps, I will actually try to eat clean for a stretch.  Don't they say if you can alter your routine for 21 days it becomes a habit?  Be it, exercise?  Diet?  Sleep?  Well, maybe not that.  I'm off to continue my day before heading into work.  Life is grand!

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