Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Days off and goal planning

Day off number two....how do I choose to spend it?  I woke up to a text with that exact inquiry.  My response--rest, sleep, recovery.  That was a few hours ago.  Now, I have yoga planned, teaching later, finding wine for my clients and possibly catching a matinee.
I am resting.  I am finding time to recover and plan.  Yesterday, I listened to podcasts which I think I am going to increase in my life.  Instead of watching mindless crap, aka tv, I could be listening to podcasts.  Or reading books.  I want to be continuing to learn.
I needed to create a playlist for the school teachers as they feel music would help transport them out of the classroom.  I cannot help that we are in a kindergarten classroom surrounded by miniature tables and chairs and I think, I block that part out.  I just focus on the yoga which I am supposed to do.  I think it is challenging for the ladies since they leave their respective classroom to enter another one.  There is no break in their landscape.  So, I do get the desire for music.  I messed around with creating something that would not be language offensive or derogatory.  I also wanted to create a list that increased in tempo and rhythm, too.  Need to be intensifying not putting people to sleep.
It became all encompassing and over took my afternoon.  Then, I received an email where the teachers are canceling this week due to lack of attendance.  Mostly, I think it is too close to the holiday and people are already on their vacation in their minds.  Instead of doing yoga, they can take an additional hour to shop, organize or write cards.  I wasn't offended and actually recognize that I can take more time to craft a fantastic play list.
I wanted to leave my house and continue to write cards and have a glass of wine.  I walked to a nearby restaurant that has a separate bar area that I like.  I considered a coffee shop that offers beer, whiskey and wine but opted to skip it.  I didn't feel like beer and their wine pours are minimal.  I walk into the restaurant and there is one table occupied and one remaining bar seat.  There are two women sitting next to each other and one open seat followed by two seats occupied by two men.  When I sit down the men give me a dirty look.  I was surprised since I felt I had done nothing to attract that sort of attention.  However, I arrange my journal and settle in.  The ladies next to me are chatting away.  The bartender doesn't see me at first but I am okay with it.  I order a glass of wine and water and listen to these gals go on and on and on about their days.  As noted, there were four other guests in the restaurant and so we were all privy to their day.  Then, it made sense why the men gave me the dirty look on my arrival.  They thought I was joining the ladies and adding to their conversation.
I deducted that after the men looked at each other in disgust and said, let's just close out and go.  I looked at them and nodded in agreement.  I felt that the ladies could have adjusted their voices to classroom settings so that others could enjoy their own conversation or in my case, just being able to be silent.  I wanted to write cards and enjoy wine.
It was funny.  And it is life.  We all choose to go out and be social or not.  These two ladies had every right to talk about whatever they wanted.  However, I wish they had had the savvy to pick up on the fact that no one else was interested in their day.  The men were so disgusted.
Eventually, they left and I said something to the bartender about it.  She said that she felt bad for the regulars that left since they were clearly annoyed with the women.  I told her she could have increased the volume of the music to indicate perhaps they could lower their voices.  She said that next time she would.
I considered making dinner.  I had pasta, tomatoes, garlic and a few other staple items.  Then, I thought better of it.  I could pick up some take out and skip all of the prep, clean up, etc.  I chose that option.  Seemed more enticing.  I wanted to  minimize the amount of effort in my day.  Perhaps lame, but honest.
Today, I am listening to more podcasts, attending yoga and eventually teaching to my regular clients.  We are concluding this year with a happy hour yoga session.  I am excited to teach and then retox.  I should be doing more of that!
Maybe finding some ramen, too.  I had lunch with my friend, Thomas, yesterday and as much as I wanted ramen it is challenging to share with someone that you don't know well.  If I were dining with the Warrior Prince, well, it would be a non-issue.  I have shared many meals with him and so it is natural to share food.  I think I might find some ramen today.  Although the weather is not indicative of eating ramen today.  It looks gorgeous outside.
We will see where the day leads.  Tomorrow I have a thai massage scheduled and perhaps a matinee.  I just want to enjoy the present moment and I hope you do as well!

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