Thursday, December 13, 2018

the last few weeks

Good morning!  I feel like I took a brief hiatus and need to return to my love of blogging before the year ends.  First off, I spent the last few days in Santa Fe.  As noted, I love visiting Santa Fe and do it frequently and often.  It keeps me centered and grounded, perhaps.  I found a great Airbnb rental near my old rental by Frenchie's Park. The owner was a lovely woman who greeted me when I arrived.  It was such a cute casita. I hope that I am able to rent it again.
I arrived in the city different and headed directly to La Choza.  I wanted to celebrate with a silver coin and some pozole.  Afterwards, I met Melody for dinner at Jambo and concluded the night going to bed early.  I think I needed to focus on the sleep factor and hydration as well.  My skin is dry and I have had chapped lips for the last six days.  No amount of chap stick can help me.  Sleep and water are the best doctors.  I considered going to Ojo Caliente on Tuesday like I normally would do.  However, this trip, I thought, why not leave from Ojo and head north to Denver?  I texted my friend, Danielle, to see if she would be able to meet in Taos for a quick visit. Impulsively, I sprung this on her and it didn't work out.  There will be other trips and I know that I will be able to see Danielle on a future trip.
I was able to re-focus my trip. I could attend a TRX driven class at a Barre studio that I adore.  The class is offered on Tuesday mornings and they have more traditional barre classes offered on other days.  Although, I can appreciate a barre class, I prefer the TRX class.  I think I get more out of it.  And, I love the two of the instructors.  Great music and a killer work out!
It was a nice way to explore Santa Fe and Ojo.  My drive from Taos was pleasant and I avoided Raton Pass.  They are doing road construction along the pass and it is a little annoying.  I enjoyed the drive to Colorado from Taos.  I think I might consider traveling this way on my next trip down.
In the past six weeks, I have been working and trying to work on my yoga practice.  I visited Sara Jo in Palm Springs.  It was a lovely trip.  Too short but I had a blast.  We hiked Joshua Tree and spent the afternoon with my friend, Marc, from Santa Fe.
I am thinking about travel for 2019.  I know I will be in Dallas in February and I would like to return to Minneapolis to see my aunt and explore the yoga scene again.  I loved this studio I found and only had the opportunity to experience one class.  I would love to return.  I would love to see what else they offer.  Sara Jo is chatting up Kentucky and Bourbon road.  Maybe an international trip could happen, too?  I don't know.  It is something that is on my mind and I want to have some plans to kick start 2019.
I am off to teach yoga.  It feels great to be back!  Cheers and enjoy your day!

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