Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Productive Monday

Day off yesterday!  Super productive, too.  I received my bridesmaid dress (thankfully).  They attempted to deliver it on Friday but since I was at work, I missed the opportunity.  In the past, this has been an issue--to receive deliveries--and so I planned my day knowing I would be home from 10-3, to ensure a dress being delivered to me.  If only the delivery would have been at 9:30, 10:00, even 11:15.  I could have still went to yoga had that happened.  It arrived at 11:45.  No yoga.  Regardless, now I have the dress.  I was starting to get worried since the wedding is in September.  I ordered the dress in March.  Now that I have it, I can relax.  I texted my friend that I had it, too.  She seemed relieved.
Anyways, no yoga.  I did a strength training video instead.  I considered going for a run but it was hot.  My bike tires are flat and so a ride was out of the question.  On that note, I made an appointment to have my bike tuned up.  There is a clicking that occurs between gears when I am riding.  It is somewhat annoying.  I have a free tune up if I use it within the first 90 days of owning it.  If only I could have managed to arrange it for today.  I could ride to work today instead of driving.
I forgot to mention that I did not drive, anywhere, yesterday.  It was delightful.  Productive day continued.  Dress arrived, video used, bike maintenance arranged, and I spoke to the physicians group that is handling my bill.  What a process that is.  I paid the ambulance bill, surgeon and e.r. visit.  A month after the fact, I receive the balance of the bill from the surgeon.  Confused since I thought I had taken care of that when I went in for my follow up visit.  I search for a number to call to figure out what is due and when it is due.  I leave messages at the hospital with their billing department on three separate occasions.  Not once, do they call me back.  Eventually, I call the surgeon's office and their receptionist is able to direct me to the accurate number. 
From here, I have made three calls to ensure some sort of closure.  Still waiting to hear back about what is due from me and how to proceed.  I just want it to be over with.
Afterwards, I attempted to reschedule a day drinking venture with my friend, Kristina.  We have meet for wine on a few occasions and this time, we were planning on taking the light rail into Phoenix and exploring a few of those bars.  Unfortunately, she had to back out of our plan.  Instead of staying home in the sweltering afternoon heat, I headed towards Mill to enjoy wine solo.  It was Shari's birthday and I wanted to celebrate with her in spirit.  A few glasses of wine later and I made my home.  Freaking hot.  I was hoping to make it to 9 pm before turning on my a/c.  That hour took forever.  I almost didn't make it.  I guess I had forgotten how hot it can be from 6-9 pm since typically I am working or out with friends.  Ridiculous heat.  Seriously.  It is effing stifling.  One more month in my current place and then hopefully, some relief. 
Yes, yesterday was productive.  Today, I hope to figure out my camera, hit up a yoga class and go running with Jeff later.  I need to start training for the marathon in Vegas.  I think part of my problem is mental.  I know it is hot and I have a difficult time running in the heat.  Or, better yet, I have had a problem running in the immense heat.  Not anymore.  Today is a new day and I will enjoy running in 100+ heat.

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