Thursday, June 14, 2012

Return to running in the heat

Run went well.  Hot.  Hot.  Hot.  Although, we stuck to it and I completed the first run I have attempted in a few weeks.  Lame, sure.  I know.  I signed up for a half in August and know that I am going to complete it.  I think part of my problem is so mental.  It's hot outside and so I internalize it.  I make it worse than it actually is.
No more.  I now have access to a pool on a daily basis and I am so utilizing it. I don't think my friend realizes it.  His pool is going to be my second home for the summer. 
I met an old friend for a quick meal and wine.  It's always a pleasure to see Brandon even if we do meet once every six months.  He's always entertaining, full of stories and livelihood.  Plus, we went to one of my favorite bars in Tempe.  Wine friendly....that is all I am going to say.  While there, Brandon tagged me in a post on facebook.  A few moments later and he stops and says--wow, that's odd.  I mentioned that I was with you drinking wine and one of my fellow studens commented that she went to high school with you...small world, right?
I do think my issue with running in Arizona is mental.  I've convinced myself that it's hot and that I am miserable.  Think about it, I am able to consistently attend heated yoga classes and I love it.  I feel fantastic after spending an hour in that studio.  Yesterday, about ten minutes in to class (more like five), I had a headache and a belief that I was dehydrated.  Instead of leaving the class, I stayed and greatly benefitted from that decision.  Sure, I was hot and I did have a mild headache.  However, I stopped obsessing about it and just enjoyed the activity.  What a difference an attitude change can have. 
I guess I recognize how powerful my mind is at times.  Especially when I really don't want to go running.  Enough of that, I signed up for the Vegas full and I intend to show up and perform well.  I need to so that I can enjoy the celebratory dinners after that event.

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