Monday, November 26, 2012

thankful for today

Gorgeous day off.  No hike involved.  I did that last night.  Instead I went to yoga and sweat thru 60 minutes of postures and breath.  It kicked my butt~
Seriously.  It had been too long since my last class.  I finished.  Showered and texted my lunch date.  I let her know that I would be available sooner than originally anticipated.  I opted to go to the post office.  Confident that it would be a quick in and out.
Little did I know that it would be a 20 minute overture.  I walked in.  Saw the line and three clerks working. I remained hopeful.
Hopeful for about two minutes.  I saw one lady working while the other two disappeared.  They would reappear for brief moments.  They were present, but didn't work.  They just talked at each other.  I felt like I was at the DMV and it was frustrating.  Keep in phone was in my car.  I had nothing to listen to or distract me from waiting. I considered leaving and trying another time or a different post office.  I was that frustrated.
Then, people would appear from the outer area and drop off packages.  The clerks would address them, wait on them and help them.  I wasn't the only person confused by these actions or noticing them.  Several people in line watched the interactions while patiently waiting for their turn at the counter.  Yes, the post office sucked.
I made it to the counter eventually.  Paid my dues and left.  I was still seething when I arrived at my designated lunch spot.  All I could think was...if I made people wait to acknowledge or help them, I would hear about it immediately.  From my boss, from yelp, from co-workers.  Service industry people do not have the luxury of making people wait like the post office or dmv do.  They provide services that people need.  If I make someone wait for a beverage; well, they have options across the street, up the street or within two blocks.  The only power I wield is how strong of a drink I make or don't make.
Sorry, I am still frustrated by the whole endeavor.  I understand that their job is challenging, but, what the eff?  How hard is it to help out when there is a line of people out the door?  I just don't get it.
More importantly....lunch was spectacular.  Cocktails, wine, pizza....what more could a girl ask for?  My lunch date was lovely, too.  I used to work with her and I always enjoy our time together.  I look at her and see all of the possibility of being 22.  Endless opportunity, right?  Then, I think of my own life and feel similar thoughts.  I have possibility out the ying yang.  I just sometimes need to embrace it.
Anyways, life is grand and I am thankful for my Monday.  Tomorrow, I get to hike Camelback, again, with a supplier from Oregon.  I cannot wait!  I love hiking and sharing that experience with someone from out of state.  I told her to bring water and enthusiasm.  We'll see.

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