Wednesday, November 28, 2012

trying to be healthy

Yoga round two....I think today was worse than Monday.  Seriously.  I couldn't stop sweating.  I think I needed to detox from the weekend.  I did wine taste yesterday but it was brief and I hydrated with water. I swear.
Today, however, it didn't feel like it.  It felt like I was sweating out wine and other impurities.  Non stop sweat fest.  Thankfully the class was small and I did sustain the 60 minutes.  I feel amazing now.
Tomorrow, I am uncertain if I will be hiking or yoga.  I could hike, solo, as all of my hiking partners are either out of town (Mike), injured (Kristina) or have class (Brandon).  If only there was one more person in my rotation of hiking buddies.  Jan did begin hiking recently.  I don't think she feels up to Camelback yet.  Maybe one day soon.
Hiking is an option. Or, I could hit another yoga class.  Detox some additional toxins and stretch.  I semi-pulled my back on Sunday.  Foolishly attempting to lift a keg back into the cooler.  The first time I accomplished the task.  The second time, I got lazy.  Lifted with my back, not my legs.  I did put it down immediately once I sensed discomfort.  Then, I went hiking that evening and managed to land funny on my ankle a couple of times.
I suppose I recognize that yoga would be more beneficial, for me, at this point.  My body could use the rest and the stretching.  I need to listen when there are kinks, aches, discomfort.  That way, I can address whatever the issue is.  Such as being lazy and trying to lift heavy items with my back instead of the proper lift method.  Hiking in the dark was a touch naive, too.  The incline was manageable but the downward hike was challenging.  Especially without a light.  Next time if I attempt this, I am taking a head lamp or going with someone that has one and a good sense of direction.  Let's just say my hiking buddy the other night was not a boy scout.  I envisioned being rescued via helicopter or snacking on his arm if we were unable to get out of the park.  Yes, sometimes, my mind hones in on the worst possible scenario and won't let it go.
Anyways, tomorrow, I will either hike or attend a vinyasa flow class.  It is extremely beneficial to my lifestyle right now.  I will do something healthy.
Shari and I are booking tickets for the anniversary, too.  We chose to return to Denver to celebrate the February event.  Initially, I pushed the spiritual journey/go to Bali type of trip.  There was always something wrong with it, though.  It just didn't feel that spiritual to me.  It seemed force and I know that Shari recognized it, too.  We tossed the idea of going to Chile around.  Or, Argentina.  Then, she e-mailed me an alternative.  Maybe we should focus on food as our spiritual journey.  That made complete sense as Brian was a chef and food has always united us.  After she mentioned it, everything else fell into place.  We still need to book the tickets, and arrange accommodations, but we have a destination and I know the restaurant we will dine at.  I am stoked!  It's going to be an excellent way to celebrate this year.
Til then,I plan on attending yoga, hiking or I suppose I could return to running.  It's been too long.  I cannot even remember the last time I put on my kicks to run.  Sad, true story.  Must change that soon~

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