Friday, November 23, 2012

my thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, 2012, was most excellent.  I started the day with a much needed hike with my friend, Mike.  Initially, I thought he might call it off.  I ran into him before I left work.  I poured him a bourbon on the rocks and made my home.  I felt that I deserved a night of rest.  Meaning, I wanted a pure night of sleep.  Ironically, I feel that way tonight, too.
I made coffee and headed to Arcadia.  I got somewhat turned around since I tried out a new route and didn't pay attention to what freeway I was getting on.  Blonde moment.
Anyways, I arrived at his house and noticed that his car wasn't in the driveway.  I knocked on his door and waited.  I was about to text him when the door opened and he greeted me.  I could tell that he just woke up as he was still wearing his glasses.  That was a new look for him.
He told me that he left his car at my job and could I drive to go hiking?  Of course.  I wanted to hike and so I would absolutely drive.  I drove up to the small lot and crossed my fingers.  There were cars in line, waiting/hoping/praying to find a parking spot near the trailhead.  No such luck.  I made my way out to the road and let Mike direct me to a spot that he knew of.  It was about a half mile from the parking lot but well worth the walk up.  It was spot that did not threaten towing.
Camelback was full of fellow hikers.  Many families with small children and dogs.  I am all for being active but some of the kids were unable to climb or hike.  They were all over the place and it was annoying.  Definitely glad I went but thankful to be finished with it, too.  Afterwards, we celebrated the day of gratitude with a bloody mary.  Gorgeous day and I was so glad to not have to work.
I had tried to make my sister's side dish of creamed corn.  I know it is fabulous.  That was supposed to be my addition to thanksgiving day meal.  I turned the oven on, combined the ingredients and left to go hiking.  I didn't think anything of not having been able to cover the casserole dish. I was more interested hiking with my friend.  So, when I returned home and it was inedible, well; that was all on me.  All on my lack of attention to detail.  Instead of the corn side dish, I brought cheese cake and flowers.  I did the majority of the clean up, too.  Part of my genetics and reminded me of thanksgivings past.  Really.  Every year, my task was the clean up aspect.  Rarely, did I ever have the chore of cooking.
All, in all, a fantastic day.  I finished it with a glass of wine at my co-worker, Justin's house.  He had the orphan dinner at his house and I wanted to make an appearance.  I brought a bottle of wine and ended my night.  I could have stayed for a few additional glasses of wine.  My morning shift dictated otherwise.  I cannot imagine how terrible I would have felt had I chosen that path.
Regardless, lovely thanksgiving with friends.  I hope you had a lovely holiday, too.

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