Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Funday

Beautiful day.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I opted to begin the day with a hike at Camelback Mountain.  Thankfully, the parking gods favored us.  No wait for a parking spot.  We had a plan B, in place, if we were unable to find a spot at the designated parking spot.  Squaw Peak.  However, I went hiking there, yesterday, and so I wanted to hike camelback.
We arrive.  A friend calls me for help.  As it was early, I answered the phone to find out that he needed a ride somewhere.  I was in the parking lot and without my car.  It was not an emergency and so I told him I would call him after I finished and help out if he still needed it.  I did attempt to help him, later, but he didn't respond.
Walk up to the trail head, stretch and begin the ascent.  Good pace and I was feeling fantastic.  Suddenly, I am hot and thinking--why did I insist on going today?  Brandon already admitted that he had hoped I would have backed out.  Maybe I should have....then, I worked through it and felt amazing when we reached the summit.  Brandon tried to check us in via facebook but he couldn't find a signal.  He walked around the top trying to find a signal while I inhaled water.  I wanted to hydrate.
We watched a couple of strangers exchange numbers.  Very romantic and cute.  On the descent we talked about that.  The opportunity of meeting someone while hiking.  I suppose it is the same thing as my running partner.  I met him at a running group meet up and we chose to meet outside of the group.  I think he hopes that I will consider him as a romantic interest while I prefer the aspect of running only.  He is a great guy.  I just don't find myself interested in him in that way.
Anyways, we continue the descent and I bring up my trip to Napa.  Suddenly, we are interrupted with--if you are looking for a flight, why don't you call me?  I can guarantee a better price over kayak, expedia or other search engines.  It was the guy from the summit who had been exchanging digits with the girl.  He, did, in fact, have beautiful eyes.  (That was her lead in to exchanging numbers).
Regardless, I am curious about his travel planning.  I think I will at least consider it.  I cannot even remember the last time I used a travel agent.  I almost always book my own flights, hotels, cars on line.
I love this weather.  I think, if I can, that I will hike every other day during the season.  Why wouldn't I?  It's a great workout.  I am able to reflect on life and enjoy nature.  I love it.
Alright, enough self-love, involvement, whatnot...enjoy your Friday.  I know that I will~

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