Wednesday, February 6, 2013

challenge completed

Goal reached and thinking about the next challenge of 2013.  I completed 30 consecutive days of yoga and I feel incredible.  Midway through the challenge, I considered stopping.  But the idea of 29% off of a new yoga package enticed me.  I'll admit the discount is what prompted me to consider the 30 day challenge in the first place.  Then, I started it and experienced the benefits of daily yoga.  Physically, I felt better.  Mentally, I felt calm and my focus shifted.  No longer was it about the discount.  I looked forward to attending the noon vinyasa flow.  I rearranged my daily schedule to include yoga, easily, and for the future.
I talked to one of the owners of the studio I attend and she said, you know, it is incredible that your completed the challenge.  It takes a time commitment (yes), but it isn't the most challenging thing I have set out to do.  I ran a marathon and that, to me, is a true time commitment.
This commitment to the challenge has motivated me to include yoga in my daily life.  I am concerned that I will purchase an unlimited package and then retreat from the practice.  In the past, I have done this.  I need to factor in upcoming trips and how much of a time commitment I want to make.  I believe the 3 month package would be sufficient.  A year seems extreme.  I don't know if I will be here in a year or elsewhere.  ^ months, even, seems long.  Plenty can change in six months.  Yea, three seems the best way to go.  I must begin running, too.  There is a half marathon in Santa Barbara that I signed up for.  Sara Jo, the Goddess and three of my Italian friends will be joining me.
I feel amazing.  I am so glad that I chose to do the challenge even if it was financially motivated in the beginning.   I managed to practice in spite of being hungover on a few occasions, too.  That's something.  In the past, I definitely would have stayed home to recover.  The mind is extremely powerful.
Now, I am thinking about the next challenge.  Should it be another physical challenge or mental?  Til I decide, I will continue to practice yoga, drink wine and enjoy life.  Life is grand~

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