Friday, February 1, 2013


Sometimes, I am lazy.  Shocking, I know.  Especially, when I consider how little I blogged last year.  Yes, I can be lazy.  My sister, Jade, had a birthday on christmas.  I know when it is, obviously, as we have celebrated her birthday and christmas since she was born.  I sent her family my gift for christmas and then I considered what I could get for her.
Honestly, this year, she called me and told me that she wanted to train for a half marathon.  I could hear the excitement in her voice as she detailed her training plan.  I asked her what shoes she would use and she didn't know.  I suggested going to a running store and having a gait analysis done.  Since she lives in Eugene, Oregon, I knew there would be stores committed to running as it is the home of Pre.  I also told her that I wore Saucony's, liked Asic's and thought Brook's were also great shoes. They just don't suit me the way that Saucony's do.
Anyways, I had a plan and then time got away from me.  I looked on-line at their local running store and didn't see any links to purchase gift cards.  I believed it would be an easy transaction.  I called them yesterday to purchase a gift card.  I really want my sister to have a nice pair of shoes for running.  I want her to commit to her goal.
Imagine my dismay when the guy on the phone tells me they don't really suggest that method.  I stopped and thought, how difficult is it to charge my card, send the gift card to my sister and a copy of the receipt to me?  The kid explained that if it got lost in the mail they would not honor the gift card.
As an alternative, he suggested that I purchase store credit in her name and she could redeem it as a member.  She's not a member of the store and so that isn't a solution.
I told the kid I would consider my options and got off the phone.   I thought about calling Michaela to have her get the gift card on my behalf.  However, why am I jumping through hoops to get a simple gift card?  I am not buying a card from them.  I just need to re-think the ideal gift for Jade.  I don't want to send her a check.  I really wanted to contribute to her shoes.  I am proud of her for seeking out the half marathon and know she can do it.
I am frustrated in my inability to suss out the store's negligence until now, too.  I am lame....

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