Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I love my wine class.  I am inspired.  Every Tuesday, early morning, after a coffee and bagel.  I drive to west Phoenix and listen to a history of wine.  Then, we taste.  Yesterday, we sampled six different french wines.  Vouvray, cotes du rhone, syrah, bordeaux blend, chardonnay and a beajolais.  Delicious!
However since it is mandatory that I attend, I am shackled to being in the Valley for the time being.  No spontaneous/impulsive trips which I live for.  Very sad in my world.  I miss the freedom of discovering new eateries and destinations.  Maybe I can attempt to take a weekend off to balance.  I don't know if I can sustain ten weeks without a little bit of freedom.
Yoga does help.  I have continued the challenge and complete 37 days.  Tomorrow presents a challenge.  I work at ten a.m. and then I have dinner plans.  Vietnamese--I think.  The available classes are as follows--5:30 (ouch), 9:15 (cannot go due to work), 4 (still at work), 5:30 (maybe depending on my departure time) or 7:30.  I have dinner plans.  So, I suppose the best option is 5:30 a.m.
I want to continue my challenge and so I guess I will be getting up, super early, to do just this.  Everyday is an opportunity to be kind, compassionate and happy.  Yoga helps remind me to be kind to myself.  Travel keeps me focused/sane/balanced. Wine keeps the conversation lively and adds to meals.  I am happy, today.  Are you?

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