Friday, August 1, 2014

Famous Last words....

I had a mini vacay in Phoenix.  I know what you are is that a vacation when it is 112 degrees and you always complain about how much you despise the heat?!?
Well, it was.  I booked my flights using points and had an impulse trip.  I managed to go to yoga (I forgot how much I love a challenging class), saw many friends, went shopping, got a pedicure and stayed with a friend that has a pool.  One of the perks of the trip, for sure.
My last day was spent with my mini.  Kristina is an adventure travel junkie (like me).  We met while working together and we text occasionally.  I like to try to keep up with her current life as she is constantly changing what/where she wants to end up.  Lunch was great and then I stopped by a cute wine bar to see one of my old employers.  They are doing well.  Conveniently, it is located along the light rail which leads to the airport.  All, in all, a lovely way to conclude my vacay to Phoenix.
While at the airport, I reached out to a friend in Santa Fe. He mentioned that it had been raining hard in Santa Fe and to drive carefully.  Typical me, I laughed it off.  I considered the rain factor after driving through mini flash floods last Sunday.  My car beeped at me, continually, until I was out of the river of the streets.  Regardless, I felt confident that I would make it home safe and sound.
I received a voice mail from one of my colleagues informing me that I could either stop by and help with the inventory or meet him early this morning to finish.  I chose the latter and drove through the ABQ construction.  I was hungry, tired and wanting to get home to enjoy one last glass of wine.  Imagine my surprise when my car chooses to decelerate. I headed to the shoulder and assessed my situation.  I was about 23 miles to Santa Fe.  It was pitch black, no gas stations in sight and my car was crapping out.  Frantically, I call a friend of mine in Phoenix.  She is used to these calls and probably annoyed that I continue to make them.  It goes something like this--something is happening with Veronica.  I don't know what to do....I am stubborn when it comes to this car.  Stubborn to the point of stupidity--I know.  I mean, last night, I was stuck on 1-25 for almost two hours waiting to get it towed.  I couldn't accomplish this as I was out of range and most of the tow truck drivers were not interested in assisting my call.  I called work to see if someone could pick me up while I waited to arrange a tow.  Finally, it became clear that I would be abandoning my car for the night.  I would not be saved by roadside assistance.  I would have to wait and pray that my car would be in tact today.
Thankfully, two of my co-workers took pity on me and drove me home and back to my car today.  I was able to arrange a tow to the local Volvo dealer.  Of course, I needed to be at the car when the truck arrived and so I asked Erica to drive me back to my car.  I insisted that I will take her to lunch.  I really appreciated her helping me, twice, in the last 24 hours.
It was ironic that I felt so confident in my car and my ability to make it home safe.  I felt supported by my job and friends and the tow truck driver.  Kind gentleman who gave me an additional ride to a local business.  Veronica had a minor setback.  I paid the mechanic and enjoyed an additional day off.
Of course, last night, was the first time that I have been stranded, roadside, with little ability to alter my circumstances.  It was not fun and I hope to not have a repeat of that anytime soon.  For the time being, I believe, Veronica will hold up.  She does prefer the weather to Phoenix.  And, it felt nice to know that I was supported and had a mini family here due to work.  Otherwise, I honestly cannot say how I would have gotten out of that predicament.  Yes, famous last words for sure--drive safe.....

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