Monday, June 30, 2014

Some yoga and work related b.s.....

Yoga at the community center was okay.  Okay in that it cost me $8 as opposed to a $14 drop in rate.  Class was full of loyal fans that enjoyed this instructor's style.  I caught that vibe by the response she received when she mentioned this would be her last class teaching for the summer.  She would be traveling to California for the remainder of it and back in the fall.
She played some music, mostly instrumental.  Melody mentioned having that cd after the class concluded. Melody is a massage therapist and has an array of music, available, while working on people.  She is not a fluff massage person.  She is more of a body maintenance therapist.   She plays classical, instrumental, yoga, and massage inspired music.
At any rate, I enjoyed some of the class.  I didn't find it particularly challenging but it was a nice change of pace to the routines at body.  I think it is important to mix things up or I get bored.  I know there are 100's of people that practice bikram yoga and love it for the meditative state it inspires. I, however, do not find comfort in performing the same sequence of poses on a daily basis.  My mind wanders and becomes counter-intuitive to what yoga is supposed to motivate.  Peace, meditation, breath--all about focusing on the present.  I prefer power sequences with a rhythmic beat in the background.  I did get spoiled in Phoenix by the yoga community.  I prefer their school of yoga.  I like to sweat.  Yesterday we did manage to do quite a few chatarangas and some balancing postures all of which felt pretty basic.  The woman next to me asked me how often I did yoga.  I was honest.  I like to do yoga 4-5 times a week.  She looked at me and said--I should have discovered this much sooner in my life.  My response--well, it's here now.  Enjoy it.
I will buy a new pack of classes today.  I am committed to adjusting to the style of SF and making it work for me.  I hope the music evolves into more rhythm and less instrumental or cello based selections.  The one guy who everyone loves in SF has an atrocious play list.  I have tried to adapt to his class but find it too difficult to make happen.  He wants to be a guru and preach about breath, sequence, posture but then suggests practicing on someone else's mat which is sacrilege to me.  Why would I want to be in someone else's space or sweat?  Granted, rarely, have I managed to break a sweat in his class.  Still, it bothers me when he tells us to lunge onto someone else's mat during his sequence.  He seems to be out of town, often, which is fine by me.  Motivates me to take in another class at the studio.
We have a large event at work tonight.  I will be working a satellite bar which should be interesting.  Afterwards, the bar manager and I will be doing inventory.  Fantastic way to conclude the month.  This will be my third go at the inventory.  Surely, it will go quicker.  However, after the set up, break down of the event, I think it will be a long day.  Yesterday was challenging.  Normally, I enjoy the Sunday night shift.  We are treated to family style tacos to commemorate the end of the week.  The kitchen was slammed last night and the guys were in a rush to leave.  I didn't prepare any food to nosh on since I thought I would be eating Sunday night tacos.  Silly me.  I should have planned ahead.  I cannot eat at 11 o'clock at night on a consistent basis and then wonder why I feel lethargic in the a.m.  I need to stash protein bars or almonds in my work bag.
Here is to beginning the week on a positive note.  Two months in SF and I am feeling more adjusted to the pace of it.  No rushing or road raging this week.

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