Tuesday, December 2, 2014

dinner tonight....

I was on the fence with what I wanted to do today.  I knew yoga was part of the equation and potentially, dinner.  I semi-celebrated thanksgiving with Melody on Saturday.  A cheese plate with taleggio (which was actually not that great.  Odd texture that day), sage darby, some sausage, house made pickles and a lovely cherry ginger chutney.  We started the afternoon with a glass of brut rose and then each had a glass of white wine to follow.  It was nice, brief and an opportunity to catch up with Melody.  I always enjoy seeing her.  She spent the holiday in Michigan with her family.
I worked the last few nights and so my celebration has been put on hold.  I kept thinking about checking out this one spot in Santa Fe.  A great wine bar and the chef is phenomenal.  A young guy with a great palette.  Years ago, he had his own spot and Melody and I had dinner there.  We were the only people in the restaurant.  I blamed it on the location.  A little off the main drag in SF.  The food was delicious and a great experience.  I don't know exactly what happened only that it was no longer open and he had moved on to a wine driven spot outside of town.
Anyways, I ran into some guys that work with him and they inform me that he is no longer at the spot.  What?  I am sad that I did not make it a priority to sample his food in the last few months.  Instead, I made excuses or went to other eateries that were more convenient to get to.  I still considered going there tonight but then thought better of it.  Who knows what the food is like now that they no longer have their chef?
I have been spending time with a guy that I work with who came from Phoenix.  Originally from Chicago and so Josh understands the big city life.  Since he moved here, he has been working, working, working.  I think he should make the most out of his time here and so I invited him to join me for dinner tonight.  We are planning on going to a different spot that is easier to get to.  And two of the guys that I work with work there which also makes it a little nicer.  I'm thinking there might be a comped glass of wine in my near future.
I have been battling an incoming cold.  Mostly due to being dehydrated on Thursday.  My immune system goes to crap when I am hot adequately hydrated.  I know it and have experienced it a few times.  I have upped the water intake, ate garlic cloves and broke down and bought some oil of olive leaf spray.  I do not intend to be sick this week or next.  I have a yoga inspired trip upcoming.  I cannot wait to get that yoga fix.  Today, for example, I went to a class and the music was terrible.  I forced myself to concentrate on the sequence until the instructor played a cover to a song that I like with a yoga theme to it.  I couldn't take anymore of it.  I had to leave.  I wrote a comment card and asked if they had thought about changing the music style as it was becoming more and more challenging for me to want to stay in the classes.  I left fifteen minutes early when I had completely lost my focus.  I was distracted and ready to try something else out.
I did manage a walk today to enjoy the weather and my music.  As I was enjoying the neighborhood I realized that I am ready to start running again.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day.  And I know that there isn't a yoga class to attend tomorrow.  I am out of passes at one studio and unwilling to purchase more unless they change their music.  I will remain stubborn.  Running it is...

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