Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dinner with a friend

Tuesday, I had a day off and a plan to meet with one of my co-workers for dinner.  Initially, I considered rescheduling since I was feeling a cold creep into my week.  Then, I thought better of it.  Why take a raincheck when I was perfectly fine and I did want to go to dinner.  I confirmed with Josh and arranged to meet him at 6ish.  
I arrived first and was seated in a friend's section.  We looked over the menu and I remarked that I was open to sampling several dishes as opposed to him picking one and me choosing one entree.  I am an adventurous diner and wanted to continue in that fashion.  Josh relocated from Phoenix for his job, like I did.  However, unlike me who has actively engaged in yoga and/or meeting people, Josh has been mostly working/sleeping.  I was shocked that he had not taken the time to dine at other restaurants just to see what is out there.  I hope, for his sake, that he makes a change.  There are wonderful restaurants in SF.  Several that are worthy, for sure.  One of the reasons I chose to move here.
We started with roasted cauliflower and a curry soup with brown butter.  Both were delicious. I really enjoyed the cauliflower.  Roasted with an anchovy tomato sauce and capers.  I saw that on the menu and it spoke to me.  I guess I am salty.
Next, we had a foie, lobster terrine and a mango gelee.  Josh loved this dish.  He couldn't get enough of it.  I liked it but was not in love with it like him.  We paired it with a salmon crudo over spinach and fried basil.  I had higher hopes for this dish but the greens were overwhelming.  After a wine break, we finished with lamb ribs with coriander.  Nice way to finish the meal.  I had wanted fries or something from the bar menu but honestly, Josh, had no interest in duck fat fries.  He had had many examples of duck fat fries.  Next time, I will be more forceful in my desire to have fries.
Dessert seemed optional until I realized they had carrot cake.  That decided it.  I am such a pushover when it comes to this dessert.  If done well, I am ecstatic.  If not, well, it seems like a waste of calories.
At any rate, the meal was a success and it reminded me of how much I enjoy dinner with friends.  I have been able to do this to some degree since I moved here.  Melody, Teo, and a few other girlfriends and I have ventured out into the culinary scene in SF.  But it is few and far between.  Melody has a thriving practice to cultivate.  Teo travels a bunch for work and the other friends are new and so I am in the process of developing friendships and discovering how much we have in common.  Mainly the food factor.
When I lived in Denver, I met Sara Jo once a week to check out new restaurants.  I loved that and I miss it.  Even if it was only wine and appetizers at my place.  We would meet and catch up on our weeks, lives, etc.  I do hope to dine with Josh more often or have a few friends to dine with on a regular basis.  Food does unite us all and it is lovely to dine with people that love and appreciate food like I do.  
I am off to work to finance my love of food and travel.  Plus, working keeps me out of trouble.  A rainy day like today inspires me to be lazy, watch movies and eat tomato soup.  If only it was my day off.

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