Tuesday, December 2, 2014

new week and hope for inspiration

New week.  New yoga studio.  I am trying to make the most of my city by checking out new studios and instructors.  I attended a class on Saturday at a different studio.  Although it was not a heated studio and music was not a factor, I saw the benefit of the class and instructor.  Soothing voice, commanding and a decent flow.  I felt super stretched and could see myself returning to the studio to change things up.  I am struggling in my practice by only attending one instructor's class.  Her music is killing me and I leave unsatisfied.  I am considering taking my own music in to listen to.  I know that she would ultimately be offended but she isn't the most receptive to constructive criticism.  Her style has inspired me to seek certification and continually be learning. Oh and update my ipod.  
Today, I will head to another studio and see if it is a good fit for me.  This studio is heated and small.  I remember from a visit in February. There is a different instructor teaching and so I am hopeful that I will enjoy the sequence.  I won't know unless I go, right?
I managed to arrange a 3 class pass for $15.  Benefit of being new to the studio.  It is a welcoming studio with a shower, separate bathroom and small studio space to practice yoga in.  And it's heated.  I entered the space and set up my mat.  I waited for the class to begin and thankfully two other people joined us.  The instructor had an outline of what she wanted to teach.  I felt that she was a new instructor from that and that her flow was disjointed.  She did recognize that we all had a strong practice and she changed her routine to accommodate us.  I appreciated that.  I hope to use the three classes this month as it was a nice change to my typical class.  Was I in love with the class?  No.  I wish she had integrated more sequence into the flow.  We did a bunch of chatarangas and optional chatarangas.  Still I like a warrior sequence where flow is utilized as opposed to doing a warrior 1, side angle, chataranga to do the other side.  It was a little choppy/disorganized in my opinion.  However, she seemed open to suggestions and was kind.  She recommended that I check out their interval class as it was a little more athletic which I seemed to prefer (according to her).  I did express my love of power flow and how I was finding it challenging to practice in SF.  There are not a lot of options to practice this style of yoga.
I am super excited to head to AZ next week.  I can hike Camelback and/or check out multiple yoga classes.  There are so many instructors that I would love to see and attend their classes.  My plan is to go directly to the noon class on Thursday.  I am traveling in my yoga attire to achieve this.  My hope is to attend 3 classes while in AZ.  The first class will be a given.  I can cab it from the airport.  The other classes will be more of a challenge.  How to get around without a rental in AZ and make it to early classes.  Do I rely on friends or try to cab it around the city?  I have a lot of things I would like to do while in Phoenix.  Yoga, pedicure (definitely need), foodie factor and friends....wish I had more time.
Until then, I will make the most of the yoga scene in SF.  That and/or embrace running.  I have a feeling that I will be fully returning to that for a way to reflect on life.

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