Sunday, September 13, 2015

bike donation

Last month while in Denver, my friend, Troy, mentioned that he was heading up to Wheat Ridge to donate a few bikes to a shop there.  Ironically, this shop is about two blocks from where I first lived in Colorado.  Since he was in Denver, he met Shari, Sara and myself for dinner.  Lovely occasion with three of my great friends.  I had been waiting for Shari and Troy to meet for some time.  It was fantastic.
I started thinking about some of the items that I carry from city to city with me.  I have a bike that was Brian's.  It was his mountain bike until he purchased a newer model that suited his skills.  I gratefully accepted the mountain bike as my trek had definitely seen better days.  I think if I remember correctly, that bike, made its way to my sister's house to retire. 
At any rate, I wondered why I would take the mountain bike with me as I rarely ride it.  It has some fundamental tire issues that I could not correct on my own or with assistance from handy bike landlords of the past.  Believe me, I tried to have them fix the bike without me having to take it to a bike shop.  And, I purchased a road bike in Phoenix which felt more like me.  I brought both bikes with me to Santa Fe and the mountain bike has not moved since it arrived.
I went on-line and found a donation center in Santa Fe.  I chose to go this route as the bike is still in good shape and I believe will make someone extremely happy to own.  It's okay to let go of things.  I finally understand that part of grief.  For a long time, I wanted to keep his things with me, near me, close to me which kept his essence with me, I suppose.  The physical reminders or associations as opposed to the inherent knowledge that I had a love that was special.  Of course, when I left the bike with the center, I felt loss.  I remembered and missed him immensely.
Still, I saw several hummingbirds this week as well as butterflies.  I know this is the right thing to do.  When I walked out of the center, this man, stopped me to thank me.  It felt fantastic to give something to the community.  I know that it will make its new owner extremely happy. 
I asked the kid that helped me how long the center had been opened.  Ten years was his response.  I feel it is a great resource for any city.  Not only do they accept bikes, they also show you how to fix them, make repairs and build bikes.  Definitely something that Brian would understand.  He loved riding his bike and tinkering with it.  He had all of these tools and spent hours keeping his bike in good shape. 
I am off to work to enjoy the rest of this day.  Cheers!

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