Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yoga fail

I chose to drive to Denver on Monday.  I could have stayed in Santa Fe and spent time with friends.  My departure tour could use some love.  Yet, I wanted to drive up, drop some things off and see the city.  I guess I wanted to remind myself of what I would be looking forward to.  I want to be home.
I contacted Maghan that I would be heading up with a car load of my belongings.  I researched some of the yoga studios in the city and found that I knew two instructors at a studio I was unfamiliar with.  My goal was to surprise one of my old colleagues/friends by attending a noon vinyasa class on Tuesday.  I remembered to pack my mat and clothes or so I thought.
Monday, I met Jenn for dip duo and wine.  Lovely way to spend an afternoon in Denver.  Overcast and patio dining.  I returned to Maghan's house and picked up a few things for dinner.  He was working and so my intention was to have a late light dinner with him. 
The next morning, I found coffee at a local shop.  Super cute space.  They offer coffee, beer and whiskey.  Semi-odd combination but works.  I mean, did I want a whiskey shot at 9 am?  I opted for the coffee. 
I knew there was a noon class near the RiNo.  I packed my bag and realized that I had forgotten yoga pants.  Silly!  I dumped all of the contents out of my bag, hoping, to find work out pants or shorts.  I have other clothes at Maghan's since I am storing my stuff there til I find my own spot.  I rummaged through those clothes as well.  I had multiple yoga tops, bras, etc.  But no pants. 
At this point, it was 11:10 and the studio was downtown.  I was too far east to make it to the target and the yoga studio.  I figured the yoga studio would have pants for sale.  Yet, do I want to spend $100 + on a pair of pants to attend a class?  I thought about the time and the stress that I would be embarking on.  Unnecessary traffic, parking, buying pants and attending a class.
So, I chose to skip the class.  I figured we could walk around downtown to enjoy the day.  Did I miss the yoga?  Absolutely!  I know that I would have benefitted, greatly, from attending the class.  Plus, the surprise factor would have been epic.  That will have to wait for another day.
Thankfully, I did manage to attend a class this morning.  Tomorrow will be a mysore class and then Saturday, I will attend a vinyasa class.  I recognize that I build so much more strength from ashtanga.  My practice has solidified.  However, I enjoy vinyasa classes with music.  Always have.  Probably always will.  I can completely let go and find myself lost in the music, breath, movement.  Especially, if the instructor is a talented sequencer.  I found several instructors in Phoenix that I enjoyed.  Thankfully, I will be in Phoenix in a few weeks to finish my teacher training and take in as many vinyasa classes as I can. 
In two weeks, I will be home.  I am excited for this new journey.  Nervous, scared, happy and mostly excited.  I enjoy starting over.  But, this is returning to a place I have called home and beginning again.  A little different.  I am super excited to see friends and what the city has to offer.  Definitely something new.
Yoga was an epic fail on Tuesday.  In its place, I walked downtown, discovered new eateries that I will become a regular at and enjoyed the day.  There is always tomorrow.

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