Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Scooby Snack

Working at the yoga studio has been lovely.  I have met a diverse group of people in addition to seeing people from the restaurants.  It's interesting to see them outside of work and in a different light.  Likewise, they see me in a very casual environment.  No bowties or black slacks in the yoga studio. 
I know the owners from attending her classes at a different studio.  Of course, it is easiest to work alongside her as we already have an established rapport and friendship.  The other girls I am getting to know.  I've been bonding with some of the other girls as we have worked together.  The office manager is a massage therapist by trade and organizing the studio in her free time.  Detail organized, thrifty and kind.  We have traded some dating debacles in the last few weeks.  Mostly mine.  There was the guy that took me to Ojo Caliente at night which is super romantic and couples are everywhere.  This guy did not try to kiss me on either of the trips there.  So, I kissed him and it was terrible!  Huge mistake.  No chemistry whatsoever. 
Then there was the guy that seemed normal, intelligent, attractive, kind.  Until he got super drunk and ranted that, don't I understand?  He's a novelist....and there are so many women chasing him.  Not exactly attractive in that moment.  What woman is excited that a prospect has many, many options.  At least according to the guy.
I walked into the studio yesterday and told her the latest.  There is a younger guy that I work with who has a crush on me.  One night at work, he told me that I had a dope vibe.  (I agreed and liked this).  He continued are kind of hostile (what?) and then asked me if I was Russian.  My response, no, I'm german.  Then I thought about it.  He praised and attacked me in one statement.  Another time, he asked me if I was 31.  With no context of speaking of age.  Just flat out asked me if I was 31.  I said no and that was that.  The following day I asked him why he asked me about my age.  He asked me if I was flattered that I asked him that.  Again, I was like--what?  Should I be?
At any rate, for the last six weeks, we have worked together and I am amused by his randomness. 
I began the story with--this young guy that I work with is meeting me for wine and dinner later tonight.  Her response, oh, a Scooby snack. 
I loved it and it was pretty appropriate.  This guy wears skinny jeans, dances by himself and calls in to work so that he can hacky sack in front of the restaurant.  Random, yes, and older than I thought.  I thought he was 22, maybe.  (Definitely Scooby snack at this point)  I found out the other night that he is older. 
We did not meet for wine which gave my liver a much needed break.  I've started my departure tour of the city.  Meaning I have been seeing friends and saying goodbye.  Translation, lots of wine is involved.  Last night, I went to a yoga class and relaxed at home.  No wine. 
I don't know if it will go anywhere with the Scooby snack outside of giving this guy a nickname.  I do like his wit in spite of his hackysacking at work and skinny jeans. 

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