Sunday, August 19, 2018

Healing and moving forward

More taking care of my ankle.
Ginger compress--check.
Magnesium salts--check.
Essential oils--check.
Tiger balm--check.
Acupuncture--tomorrow.  And potentially, Wednesday and Friday.  I have more sensation in my foot so I know there is circulation and that it is improving.  I am healing.  I will survive this and be able to return to a fully functioning life.
I feel some travel will be in the near future.  I would love to explore Aspen.  It is hard to believe that i have lived here since 2001, off and on, and never been to Aspen.  I tend to return to Santa Fe, often, as my go to place when I have two days off.  It is an easy drive and I love the food factor.  Still, I could absolutely go explore more of Colorado.  I hope to achieve a trip at the end of the month.  The Goddess and Sara are joining me the week of my birthday to go to Ojo Caliente and discover the delights of Santa Fe.  Lindsay has never visited there and so I insisted that we check it out as a girls' trip.  Perhaps one final trip this year, too.  I am trying to persuade a friend to join me on an adventure.  We have traveled together in the past to Chicago and Santa Fe.  I want to expand our list of cities to check out the food factor.  I mentioned San Diego, Austin, or Las Vegas.  All of the cities are easily accessible for two days off.  He would like to check out D.C.  I think more time is needed.
Yoga every day!  I taught Monday to Friday last week and have had the last two days off. I am thankful for the opportunity to teach and expand my practice as well as grateful for a few days of rest.  I think I needed it.  Yesterday, it looked like rain all day.  I could have remained in bed all day and been fine.  It would have been glorious!  Instead, I went to work and prayed for rain, lol.  Today, is beginning similarly.  I could definitely enjoy a full day off and remain in bed.  Maybe read or binge watch a show.  Reading would be more productive and should be my hobby driven way to spend a Sunday.  We will see.
I have loads of books to sort through as well.  My old colleague had an abundance of books that he gave me after he moved in with his partner.  He wanted someone else to enjoy his collection.  I am.  And, of course, I have also shared some of the books with my friends and the free libraries that are around town.  I drive by them and think--oh, there is another one that I should check out.  Later, I have no idea where I saw them.  I know of three locations that I frequent regularly.  There is one three blocks from me, one on the way to work along Race St and my favorite is near Colfax in East Denver.  I think I have re-gifted the majority of my books to that location.  I could walk to it when I first returned to Denver.
I must return to my attending classes.  It helps me see what is out there and incorporate it into my own teachings or not.  At times, I do.  Other times, I am thankful that I have a strong practice and do not rely on bullshit to bring to people.  There is definitely some bad yoga being taught around the city.  At least from my perspective.  I prefer a physical challenging class that is heavily sequenced.  I enjoy beginning with sun salutations and building a foundation.  When I take a class that is stretchy without movement, I get irritated.  Or is it is all intention based, I go insane.  I want a class where I can turn off my mind and be distracted.  Rarely, do I experience that here.  However, I should continue to see what is out there.  Look at new studios and what they are doing.  I attended a class in Minneapolis and the instructor had friends that were moving here to open up a studio.  I loved this  guy's class and style.  If he is friends that have similar teaching styles, I am all for it.  I truly enjoyed his class.  I might even return to Minneapolis solely to see what else this particular studio is doing.  It was epic!  Or at least to my way of enjoying yoga.
It is challenging to get up and greet the day.  I am tired and the overcast day inspires remaining in bed.  Contemplating life.  Resting.
I should find some green chile and or pozole.  It feels like a soup and grilled cheese sort of day.  We will see how it pans out.

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