Friday, August 10, 2018

Essential Oils to the rescue

Although my ankle continues to improve, it is at a relatively staggeringly slow pace.  I feel that I make progress and then regress.  I stepped into an uber the other night and stepped down funny which re-irritated my ankle.  I continue to ice, elevate and soak.  I feel that direct heat makes it worse.  It loosens up my tendons and then it hurts to walk.  So, ice and compression seems to be my best friends along this journey.
Then, I found essential oils.  Wow!  Specifically oils to aid healing bones.  I don't think I broke a bone, but I think I flirted with a hairline fracture.  The bruising and swelling has decreased, tremendously, but my ease with the functionality of my right foot continues to be spotty.  Part of it, due to the fact that I work and am on it every day.  I believe the essential oils will help me and heal.  I have incorporated fir and cypress into my daily regimen as well as lavender, frankincense and peppermint.  In addition, I have sprayed and soaked my feet in magnesium salt.  It has been educational and interesting in this process.  I feel better and know that soon I will be able to return to my training sessions.  And maybe start running again. I am ready to be doing more and increase strength, flexibility and endurance.  Having an injury reminds me what actually does work, amazing, until it doesn't. That what is my current frustration.  I had fully functional legs and took it for granted.  I thought about training for a half marathon and just postponed it.  There is never a time that is ideal.  I can always think of other things I would prefer to do.  Travel to Santa Fe, go to happy hour with friends or be lazy (in all honesty, yes, this, too is an option), anything, really to postpone running.  The Goddess is not available on a whim any longer.  She has kids that require scheduling a run which typically means we meet for happy hour.  Sara Jo has a chaotic schedule and likes to run when it is cooler outside.  And, Jenn has been nursing a knee injury for some time. She was told that she shouldn't run ever again.  Yet, she is stubborn and likes to run.  She attempts a jog every few weeks.
I am considering a return when my foot is at 80%.  I should pick a half marathon and sign up for it.  That would definitely help me commit to it.  I saw an Instagram post yesterday where a man wrote ten letters to people every day.  He felt that the commitment to writing created a different intention and a better reception of the recipient.  I would agree.  Sitting down and writing down a letter as opposed to email or text is more difficult.  It requires more commitment and execution.  Writing letters requires paper, stamps and a proximity to a mail box. It does take more effort.  And, I love receiving letters and so I think others feel the same way even if they don't participate.
I am off to do some body therapy.  I am overdue for a facial.  I could have booked one with my little sister while I was in Kansas.  But that would have taken away from hanging out with the Littles!  Next time, I will think about it.  My return trip to Denver took much longer than anticipated.  Plus, I was exhausted.  I found myself falling asleep while driving outside of Colby.  I actually pulled over and crawled into my back seat to sleep for twenty minutes.  I think I could have slept for three hours, lol.
So, I will do some health care before working later.  I have plans to meet the Goddess and Sara jo tomorrow afternoon for a much needed happy hour.  I think Finn will be hanging with us ladies, too.  There will be plenty of guacamole and chips involved, I am sure.  In the meantime, I will continue to apply essential oils to my ankle, calf and foot.  We shall see how it plays out.