Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Easton

Happy Birthday, Easton Matthew!
I wish I had a more current photo of him on my computer, but I do not. I suppose that is because I haven't seen him since I flew out to Portland two years ago. It has been too long.
I hope you enjoy it! I perused my uploaded photos and found some of Jade and her family at Thanksgiving after Emery was born. I had photos of Jade and Emery, but apparently, did not take any of Easton or Mackenzie. I suck as an aunt, sometimes.....
I do wish that I was able to celebrate with the kids. They provide joy, laughter and fond memories. I remember how curly his hair was and how attached to Jade he was. My mom loved watching Mackenzie. We all did. She was an easy baby--sweet, mild tempered and fun to be around. When Easton arrived, my mom assumed that she would have a similar effect on him. What a difference! Easton only wanted Jade. He would cry and cry and cry when she left. I have three sisters...this was a change for my mom. She had no idea how to deal with this little guy.
In this candid photo, he was running away from Jade. I was back for Jade's graduation from nursing school and able to share in her accomplishment.
Mackenzie and Easton are displaying a rare illustration of sibling love. Don't we all fight with our siblings? But, as you know, family is all you have. I know that I am grateful to have each of my sisters.
The last photo is when Jade, Tab and Easton stayed at my apartment with Brian. We had not kid friended our place. Foolish decision on my part. Easton loved all of Brian's toys--the dart board, bike, helmet, you name it, Easton found it and wanted to play with it. He loved Uncle Brian.
So, celebrate today and enjoy your loved ones. Maybe next year, I will be able to share some of the birthday cake.

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