Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am taking a break from wine, red meat/pork/chicken, and Elway's. Of those three, my break from Elway's will probably kill me. Seriously, I am way too comfortable there. I can dine, solo, Sunday nights for instance or drink with friends or by myself. Any occasion and I feel fine going there. It is like my second home.
It's easier than trying to drink at the Bull & Bush. I can talk to staff or management but most of the other regulars leave me be. It isn't that way at the Bull. For one thing, our wine by the glass sucks and the other, well, I figure you get the picture of how much I want to hang out with regulars.
Enough said.
Returning to Elway's....Last night, I dined with Maghan. We drank wine (ample amount) and tried a few items on the menu that I have not discovered myself.
Typically, I am appetizer or side oriented. Maghan took the lead last night which expanded my horizons and limited my side options. We began with the 7 onion soup--awesome. Followed by the truffled beat salad--solid choice. I have tried this on other occasions and I know that it is a fantastic salad.
Our main course was the grouper etoufee. Between courses, we decided to add the crab cocktail. Delightful. My favorite course of the evening. The grouper lacked and I was bummed that we chose that fish of the options available. We could have tried the japanese seabass, tuna, or salmon. No. I wanted the grouper with etoufee. Mistake, for sure.
I want to cleanse for me. I watched Dr. Oz, today, who I prefer over Oprah or Dr. Phil. I think it is because he overs solutions to health related issues and doesn't appear to be judgmental.
Anyways, today's topic was how healthy are you? He asked a series of questions and based on your own yes or no answer you were supposed to add up the points accrued. Intrigued, I played along.
I was doing fabulously until they question about dental health. I got 3 points for that. After a few more answers, I realized that I am healthy and have control over my unhealthy habits. And, I am going to the dentist next month for a cleaning. So excited.
This prompted the cleanse, void of alcohol and refusing to visit Elway's for a month. I told Lindsay she could punch me if I mentioned that place in the next month. We went running, tonight (excellent), and I told her my intention to cleanse. It is completely my decision to seek out this path. I know that I will feel better.
Elway's remains on hold til February....

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