Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Running woes

Beautiful night.  I think it is 96.  I don't know.  It feels lovely.  Overcast, windy and absolutely what I needed.  I love the sun but day after day after day of 100+ heat is challenging.  I shouldn't complain.  I chose this.  I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to return to Phoenix.  I remember, vividly, what the summers are like.  Brutal.  Long.  Intense.
Yet, people are prepared for it here.  Misters.  A/C (everywhere) and a few other amenities that help people manage the summers here.  I cannot imagine how awful it is in the southeast with the current heat wave.  Wow, it would be challenging.  Yes, it is hot here, but it's bearable.
Tomorrow, they predict rain.  I welcome it.  I cannot wait for it to be overcast, cloudy and ideal for a mid morning run. 
When I was in Chicago two weeks ago, I remembered how much I enjoyed running.  It's an ease that allows a tranquility, a time to think and physical exertion.  I love running.  In Phoenix, it's challenging for me.  I prefer to run when it is not 100+ heat.  I don't like it and mostly, it is, mental.  I know it.  I do not perform well under hot conditions.  I despise it.  My current running partner could run when it is 120--I am not joking.  Me, I am ready to wilt and die.  I try to explain to him my need to run later in the evenings or earlier in the mornings to avoid the intense, overwhelming heat.  He just doesn't understand.
Tonight would be the perfect time to go for a run.  Instead, my running partner is hanging up in Cave Creek and I am enjoying a pleasant evening to myself.  Windows open, enjoying a slight breeze and drinking a glass of wine (of course).  Run can wait til tomorrow, I think....

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