Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Napa trip over Vegas running adventure

I think I am skipping the Vegas Half Marathon.  I just don't have any motivation.  I've tried.  Really.  I just have little interest in running 13.1 miles next month.  
And, I was offered a trip to Napa.  Hands down that takes precedence over a weekend in Las Vegas.  I haven't been to Napa in a couple of years.  In my mind a trip there is way overdue.  I cannot wait.
Yesterday, everything sort of happened.  It started innocently enough.  I had arranged a few wine tastings as it was Tuesday.  I met with my friend, Brian, and right before he left he mentioned a trip to Napa.  I was a little off balance since I didn't know if this would come to fruition or not.  
About an hour later he returned and discussed the trip with me.  Immediately, I thought of my upcoming trip to Vegas and how unnecessary it was.  Running has been nonexistent.  I have filled my days with hiking and yoga to have some sort of cardio rush.  I have just not been interested in running outside.
So, it's settled.  I choose Napa over Vegas.  This year will be voluntary contributions to organizations.  That is my gift to the community.  2013 is a new year.  I will return to running then.
In other news, Shari and I are still deciding how to celebrate the 7 year anniversary. I think we are getting closer to making a decision.  Food will be involved.  Wine, too.  And, possibly a meal in Denver.  Isn't that where it all began?  It makes sense to celebrate in Denver.  Maybe hike Matthew Winters and dine in Boulder.  We are working out the details.  But, I believe, we will spend this anniversary with a zest for food.  Food will direct this trip and I am uber excited.
I must go to yoga.....

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