Sunday, December 9, 2012

Visit from a dear friend

Happy Sunday!  Today, my girl, Jenn, is visiting me in AZ.  I am super excited!  I love entertaining and showing people around the Valley.  I find it difficult to narrow down where and what to do.  I mean, if we follow the food route, well, the possibilities are endless.  There are hot spots in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe that I frequent.  We only have three days.  Not nearly enough time to check out all of the amazing spots in the Valley.
Plus, we are heading to Jerome and Sedona today to enjoy the beauty of the red rocks.  I adore Sedona.  What a beautiful, soothing place.  There are fantastic restaurants there, too.  I scouted Cornville with Danny last Monday.  We wine tasted and then relaxed with an additional glass of wine.  I considered asking Danny to continue the discovery phase of Cornville/Cottonwood.  They are both lovely communities with wine.  Who wouldn't be thrilled to be enjoying a glass of wine on a Monday?  Anyways, I am excited to return to find additonal places to eat.  And, I have never been to Jerome.  I have heard many things about that thriving town.  It reminds me of the beauty of Santa Fe.  A welcoming vibe with artists, food and wine.  Sounds like my kind of place.
I know that we will hike Camelback and possibly, somewhere, in Sedona, too.  I have hiked there occasionally.  I went once with my friend, Robert, from college days.  I forced my little sister to engage in the hiking activity which she found enjoyable.  (I think Jade was shocked that she liked it.)  I hiked up Chapel Rock on a solo visit only to be scolded by a minister.  I was in the process of releasing ashes.  It was a spiritual journey on that visit to Sedona.  I climbed up, somehow missing the visible signs telling people to not climb on the rocks.  In that moment, my mind was set on the task of the journey not on my surroundings.  I remember the guy telling me to come down.  In a small voice, I explained why I was there and that I would be finishing my quest and would prefer to do it alone.  Thankfully, for both of us, he had kindness in his heart and walked away.  That is the last time I have hiked in Sedona.  Feels like a good day to return to hiking in Sedona.
Or, we could go the resort route.  Phoenix has several worthy examples of a spa day.  I believe we will be getting a pedicure at some point.  If we had more time, I think, I would push the idea of staying at the Phoenician or Royal Palms.  We still have the opportunity to spend sunset at one of these gorgeous resorts.
Whle I was planning her vacay (my staycation), I envisioned a foodie trip with some hiking.  I tried to narrow down which restaurants we must go to and then I woke up, yesterday, with a slight scratching on my throat.  I inhaled garlic trying to combat the oncoming assault of sneezing and mucus.  I looked at what supplies I had available--zinc, fish oil tabs, grapeseed oil.  Somehow, I had forgotten to resupply my oil of oregano, vitamin C and lemons.  Awesome!
Still, I am confident that her trip will be a wonderful adventure.  I might not inhale wine (like our normal get together visits).  There is food, hiking and exploration of the city.  We will be entertained!
This is a photo of our wine and painting class.  A group of us--Sara and her Jenn, the Goddess and her sister and Jenn and I--that attempted this class.  Lindsay's sister had the best painting.  Jenn's was the most creative and I think I drank the most bubbly.  It was a lovely Sunday Funday in early 2011.  Today will be the kick off to a wonderful venture in Phoenix.

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