Monday, January 28, 2013

being bold I love you.  I leave you for a few days and when we reconvene, I overindulge.  (Sometimes, not every time.  Yet, in the case of yesterday, yes, I did.)  Keep in mind, I had four days off too, to recover from a basic cold.  Yoga enabled me a quick recovery and return to my love of wine.
I met a friend for wine after my yoga class.  I knew we would be checking out an eatery and so my lunch post yoga was minimal.   I knew that I needed to eat after the class but wanted to have an appetite as well.  We had a few glasses of wine at Carlsbad before checking out a new place.  Two glasses of wine later and food was re-introduced into my diet.  I shared part of the charcuterie, soup and mussels.  I insisted on the shisito peppers, too. When I think back on what I actually ate, it was small.  In no way did it sustain a meal.  I continued to drink wine and acted like a jackass in the continuing hours.  Shocking, I know?!?
This morning, I reconsidered.  Why did I act like a jackass?  Well, mostly, due to the lack of food and massive intake of wine.  Yes, I like my wine.  Today, I desperately wanted to stay in bed and languish in my hangover.  Still, i had a yoga challenge to contend with, a lunch date pre-arranged and a wine event to attend.  By the time I met Danny for lunch, I felt fantastic.  This yoga challenge has been unreal.  I feel numerous positive effects on a daily basis.
I have a notecard on my mirror.  It reminds me to be present daily. To thrive, be happy, love.  To do something that I normally wouldn't consider.  To risk.
Yesterday, I wanted to live out some of the notecard sayings.  To be bold.  Powerful.  Free.
Nice in theory, scary in execution and irrelevant when it is done. It doesn't matter what the action is.  Only that it is unique to me and my livelihood.  I am free.  Liberated.  Happy.
I hope you have enjoyed Monday as well.  I have an early morning class.  Followed by yoga #23 and then wine tasting.  I do love Tuesdays.  Be bold, beautiful and happy~

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